Let’s talk about automatic knives in general

A discussion about automatic knives, and my opinions on them.


Salvador Sr says:

Abso freaking lolutly

Fleeza says:

I live in Minnesota haha. It is weird

Jack Kirages says:

I live in South Carolina, nothing is illigal

ZeSnipplesMonster says:

I live in canada auto knives are not found friendly by the government.

hugh mungus says:

I live where the walking dead is filmed. I love the show. I’ve actually been to the bar where they had a shootout and also been to the waterfall they’ve been too.

Bass Addiction says:

I live in Florida as well Im curious as to how many knives you carry on at a time?

Sir Dunnock says:

im sick of people calling knives “weapons”, no no no no, its not a tool, its a weapon… shut the fuck up, so is a fork and you arent calling it a weapon. you shove it in to someones eye and boom there youve got a weapon

ww2 colorizer says:

I live in Virginia. They don’t give two fucks what u buy or conceal lol

Pman Minecraft says:

He waits till 3:30 or later to touch a knife?

tripd says:

I was about to check if these were legal in Florida, then you said you live in Florida. Time to start shopping online.

MedicFilms says:

The zombie knife was a no-brainer…..I get it lol

Alexander Cornelis says:

not good

Gabriel Lovatos says:

What is i get a clone

kamden bade says:

It’s the same for brass knuckles in Minnesota

Jeffums says:

Question, if you opened up an automatic knife on someone’s hand or any part of their body, would it go through or pierce an inch or two and stop?

Itz_VirusYT says:

what is the green knife called and where can i get it?

TheWizardingPanda says:

i can imagine someone having the blade inside touches the persons body and then pressing the button

Preston Garvey says:

I live in Minnesota and it’s stupid as hell you can’t buy switch blades in stores you must have it delivered to your doorstep and you can’t bring it outside your home.

3 debila na netu says:

in Serbia kids can carry knifes

V-TEC 4 Life says:

3 minutes before you showed us the knifes

illumination says:

He says it’s not that expensive it’s 200$ I start choking

Tiger Maki says:

1:see this video
2:goes to amazon
3:searches for flip knife
4:add international shiping filter
5:finds gerber instant
6 *SOBs*

A Person says:

7:23 no brainer, zombie puns

Username and Password says:

Michigan has the strangest, most vague knife laws. Although, the state senate just passed a bill that legalized switch blades/ automatic knives. It just has to be approved by the governor.

Matthew Kato says:

Just dull the microtech glassbreaker

Dome Beats says:

No brainer for his collection
He says he loves zombie movies hahah

Dj NeonFlame says:

Lol in Florida rn. My opinion is there is never a time you might not need a knife on you. Even if it’s just to open an envelope or something little. I have an otf and it tactically is practical in a self defense situation. I did a little time test and I can have the knife out and stab a target (used a couch. No one got hurt) just as quickly as someone can pull a weapon on me.

juan gonzalez says:

Spoiler alert

It’s just a spring assembly that makes them open. Might be fancy, might be garbage. Still just metal under tension.

Edit: How the hell are the springs at rest when they are in two different positions? Just doesn’t make sense.

Toni Nenkov says:

200 bucks for a knife?!? I have like a 10-15 bucks automatic that does the job just fine. It’s entirely made of steel, the handle is pretty comfortable. The blade is thick and really strong (I’ve done some tests on it) and is extremely sharp. After all the things I’ve done with it, it still shaves. I wouldn’t spend hundreds for a knife that will be not so much better. I don’t know the prices of the knives in the USA but here 30 is hell of a lot of money for a knife.

Frosty Gray says:

guy who carries automatic/assisted blades: it’s all about speed, it’s the speed, speed makes it better, the speed.
guy who carries fixed blades: what was that again?

Ethan Erbes says:

florida squad

random indian guy says:

the zombie knife was a “no brainer”

Lockjaw Lenny says:

You and I have a very very different definition of cheap

Wind Majorro says:

Thank you Georgia, every knife is legal!

the crafty guy says:

Cut of cock simulator

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