Lightning OTF D/A Automatic knives with 440 blade steel Affordable and reliable budget autos

Lightning OTF D/A Automatic knives with 440 blade steel Affordable and reliable budget autos

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Direct knife sales link.

Blade Play link–Lightning-DA-OTF–6421


Harry Wright says:

Hi tlk, call me crazy but I seem to remember someone in another vid. saying those two extra holes in the handle were for lubrication. You Bama buddy Harry

Nanchi Knives says:

there is another brand Titan have to got one they look cool a bunch of them are tanto

Angelo 123 says:

Finally first to reply. Nice knives, grear review.

tommy labors says:

love em….would u sell one LTK

rekozma says:

are they for sale papa?

Bman says:

Dose these sites take PayPal

Scott G says:

I think those holes are called “speed holes” like you would have on your car.

john smith says:

These are great for the money!

Wade Page says:

I have one I bought from a gun show back in 2006. Carried it for years. Beat all to hell but still works fine. The case/handle is aluminum (I know because the black paint on mine is worn through in places), but the knife still operates like new.. Also I was able to put a great edge on mine. The “trigger” pull is about 20+ lbs, but hey it works!

Dubglock23 says:

had one for years!
…ahh just ahh

bright eyes says:

the thing is its just depends what you want one for if work and every day a cheap one will do microtech umm more for the collector for the price

Maxx Hoffmann says:

How is shipping from Just ordered one of these yesterday…hoping it gets here soon!

Nanchi Knives says:

I love the lightnings so much fun about the safest thing you can get no risk of folding up on hand cheap love them
this is a great budget otf most of the cheap otf knives are absolute junk and break after like 50 ish times in and out

closetmonsterjesse says:

Fucking idiot.

Jim says:

Direct Knife Sales… DO NOT BUY FROM THEM…. I have had this same experience with them. Sent me a cheap knock off that did not work. I could not get them to respond for the longest time. Finally got them on the phone after many tries and emails and they told me they would send me a better one for 15.00 more. I went for it. I waited and waited and called again, this after paying to send the first one back w tracking, so I knew they had gotten it. Finally got a hold of them after many more tries and they acted as if they didn’t know they had gotten it. He then said he “oh, it’s probably in the pile of mail and would check. He did send the replacement I had paid an additional $15 for. 2 weeks later I get it and it and it doesn’t work (right out of the box ) and now after many more tries to get them to respond, they are telling me (in an email since it’s almost impossible to get them on the phone) that I had 3 days to return it and they won’t do a thing about it. He said, in an email, I could find a youtube video describing how to fix it. So, now I have 40.00 invested in a OTF knife that doesn’t work at all, and they will do nothing. The guy’s are thieves……
If you want someone you can trust, I have much better luck with Blade Play…..

Jim says:

The very worst customer service I have ever experienced. DO NOT by a thing from this Sad business owner. If you have a problem, good luck even getting him on the phone. If you order a knife, you’ll get a Crappy Knock Off that you only have 3 days to return (how is that even possible?) I would give a minus 5 stars if that option was available.

I purchased a OTF knife that did not function properly. By the time I did get in touch with this dip $#!t back in November 2017, I was told I had to pay for return shipping. I did. He guaranteed me a new and better version if I paid 15.00 more. I did. I got that knife almost 3 weeks after I returned the defective one. Did not work properly and certainly no better than the first one. After many tries, I got in touch with this guy again. He agreed to replace it again if I paid return shipping. I paid it again. He assured me a good working knife. 2-1/2 weeks later I got it. It didn’t work either. After all of this, He wouldn’t refund my money unless I sent it back.. I told him I already paid return shipping twice. He said just write “return to sender” on the package and drop it in the mail. (yeah right, like I’d trust him without tracking on the return) I told him to refund my money and then I would do it his way but, he wouldn’t. I paid return shipping a 3rd time and have now been waiting almost 3 weeks for me refund. Not Yet! I left him yet another message, as he rarely answers his phone. He won’t call you back, only email and now I am out over 15.00 in return shipping on a 35.00 knife. It’s the end of March and I still have not gotten any type of satisfaction or a refund…. Check out direct knives on YouTube. I’m clearly not the only one who has had this experience with this yahoo. I think he may be working out of his mother’s basement cuz, he sure is NOT a professional business owner. In my opinion, he is selling Chinese crap. Here is his web site. Don’t buy from him unless you want to deal with a Lot of BS.

mister smith says:

Is the blade steel 440 or 440C?

Bri Town says:

i have this knife and the benchmade infidel 3300. i swear the lightning has less blade play

dmg12345678 says:

But are your Lightnings from Taiwan or China? You want the Taiwan Lightnings. China version is a knockoff.


Shitty knives

charlie walsh says:

God dammit !!! She didn’t even give u a big wet kiss ? How rude !!!

matty d says:

No troll here just 440 is a horrible blade steel. I guess if your paying $25 for the knife its ok.

Todd Sell says:

LTK, I love my Lightning had it for about 5 months now with no problems at all. I use this to play with while keeping the wear off my good OTF’s I’m told that the ones made in Taiwan are better than the ones from China but haven’t researched this.

Your Vids are getting better and better my friend!!

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