Lightning OTF Knife (Automatic) for $30

This is the best budget OTF knife on the market that I’m aware of. For just $30 they are cheap, but you can enjoy all day OTF action. Here I unbox them, test their sharpness and perform a brief review. Like most OTF’s they have a safety that prevents them from piercing even a business card upon opening. I wouldn’t recommend for serious Everyday Carry (EDC) use, but it’s one of the best budget auto knives on the market.

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SOG Pent Arc Folding Knife 4″
Spyderco Pacific Salt black
Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement
Cold Steel Recon 1 Tanto

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OTF = Out The Front


Kieran Dolan says:

What are the scales made of? Maybe scales is not the right word, but you know what I mean

Peace Keeper EDC says:

I need one of those.

Big C Conservative Guy says:

Hey man, you said you were giving them as gifts, and to your wife. Are you talking about giving it to your wife for self defense? If so I’m going to tell you that’s one of the worst ideas ever. You know what happens to most people that pull out a knife to try and defend themselves if threatened? The person threatening them takes the knife from them and uses it on them, that’s what! Have your wife take a class on actual tried and proven self defense techniques for women, none of which will involve weapons I guarantee it. the class will concern itself primarily with how to avoid situations and then what to do if cornered. Even if your wife managed to stab someone with it you better hope there are plenty of witnesses, which is highly unlikely, or she’s going to jail if caught as her word against whomever won’t satisfy the law that she was defending herself. Just some advice to do with what you will.

shojus says:

Stay FIRSTY my friends! I had mine for about 3 months and a part inside the mechanism broke off, but it was definitely solid until it broke! Probably gonna save up until I can get a legit Benchmade OTF!

Sighs Internally says:

Where did you buy it

IanTheGreat Productions says:

Sweet knives. Does anybody have any idea if otf knives are legal to carry around?

ELITE-DELTA -117 says:

Just need to add benchmade 42 and a good otf to my collection…

Legalize Miami says:

Questioning my self if they’re ilegal or not lol

Ja Z says:

I really like these, that dark one is a winner for me. Thanks for another great video.
Your friend in OREGON

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