Lightning OTF Knife Review with BladeHQ

If you live in a jurisdiction where Out The Front Auto knives are legal, you should DEFINITELY own a Lightning OTF. These knives are incredibly convenient and practical for daily cutting tasks, and of course they’re also flat-out FUN.





nr3rful says:

looked on your website and yes, you have more not in stock items than in stock items. Sorry have to look elsewhere.

Viktor Bout says:

the best otf is the vespa and microtech halo V copie

JAY LEE says:

You no longer sell them?

Ryman27 says:

Thats interesting I have the same grey handled one but a different blade type (dagger style) and you can still totally hear the springs when you open and close it just like he was talking about it. He even said not all of them do that. I wonder why this only happens on the grey ones….

elloGarrett says:

Are these illegal in Missouri?

Em Parks says:

thanks i am defiantly getting one

Wolf62703 says:

Funner is not a word

Powertuber1000 says:

Why the pocket clip?

The jerky shack says:

Should I get this or the böker ak 74 mini

Lyle Yates says:

I have owned several Lightnings, in fact I have a drop point blade and dagger blade in my display case with a bunch of other automatic knives. I disassemble them and modify them to lock up as tight as a Microtech. I have also carried them for long periods of time as an EDC knife, modified, of course. I know that these knives are incredibly tough and when I modify them they will stand up to anything I throw at them. I do know that once modified, even unmodified, they make an excellent EDC knife.

Taylor Martin says:

are there OTF’s that DON’T easily come off the track, that have a sort of piercing ability?

Shouzheng Yue says:

is there a good website to buy this knife? blade HQ doesn’t seem to have it

Josh Barber says:

Wanted an OTF, but after I saw the prices on the Benchmade Infidel and Microtech Ultratech I was about to call it quits. Thanks for showing a more price conscious alternative.

Rod X says:

delete this video, you dont sell them anymore. bastards. get me all worked up, BLADE TEASE!!!!

Gary Smith says:

no safety?

Theodore Mosby says:

How long is the shipping if I order from Bladeplay?

sftwr314r8 says:

Blade HQ quit selling lighting otf. 🙁

Kyle Ciccotti says:

how long is the blade

John Clark says:

junk fails atleast half the time!

Jack Blommel says:

I live in Pennsylvania and I can have one if I’m a collector, so I will probably get one and use it as a letter opener

Bilbo_Gamers says:

Are these classified as switchblades in any states?

Jordan Winkler says:

Just picked up one of these. First OTF, thanks for the review.

SonicStrikeFPV says:

What is the best OTF to get that. I want something to use as kinda self deference but mainly (mostly) for just carrying around and for every day use. My friend has the Atomic Defender but It is a bit pricey. I kinda want something cheaper but I would buy the atomic defender if it is really worth it. What do you all recommend?

Nanchi Knives says:

I got an 8 dollar off brand otf and its better than some of my 30 dollar pocket knives and sharper than my 10 fix blade but it did dull quick but no big deal

Anna Falatic says:


WHO makes an affordable OTF knife that if it was somehow placed in the small of someones back or side or belly and actuated, it will push into the body and lock as normal instead of losing steam and failing to even pierce the flesh?

Even a spike would be interesting! And forget the Guardfather, not even powerful enough!

###iknowtheman ### says:

so they will be there at the HQ?

Kenneth Lilley says:

I’ve checked your website recently do you guys no longer carry the lighting ?

Samuel Johnson says:

Where can u buy this? Online or in store?

FreedomFrog says:

Can’t find any of these on the website!

curtis sutton says:

i have the same lightning that you said you’ve carried for a year, ive carried mine for 3 years and other then some scratches on the handle it has only not opened properly one time. not to mention i use it at work every single day and i work construction so they are built tough and built to last, great videos by the way. keep em coming

Alan Flanagan says:

killer knife.

Jacob Molnar says:

BladeHQ is totally out of the Lightning and I can’t find it anywhere else either WTF happened.

Luis Padilla says:

Sorry to say they are ugly.

Jason Myers says:

i have found that mos places in the us dont care if you have a auto knife. as long as your not being dumb with it. I live in maryland and by the law, you cant carry one. I do, and have for years. i carry a halo 5. iv been pulled over with it. iv been stoped and asked about it from cops. Never a problem. most of the time they thought it was pretty cool.

Alan Flanagan says:

I use this knife daily and I’m rough with it, been very impressed

Joe k says:

I’ve been carrying one of these for the last 4 years. only time I haven’t worn mine is if I was going to class, court, or an airport. This is actually my second one cause I broke my first one throwing it at a tree. I’m thinking about moving up to a benchmade now but idk if I can. pretty sure I also bought from blade hq

todd0000420 says:

guess they didnt want to mention the 8th inch of blade play straight out the box…


Do you know if it’s legal in texas

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