Microtech Ultratech | OTF Knife Perfection

Not a huge knife nut, but I definitely have an appreciation for blades like this!

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0m3n says:

Wasn’t the laws put in place for these types of knives because the owners were hurting themselves and there was so many cases they made them illegal in some places?

phil wertz says:

You mean that lawmakers actually base laws on movie fiction ?!

RG JR. says:

Did you know cars explode on impact?


Make it out of titanium and a diamond tip also make both sides sharp and make it thinner also make it so it can go thru metal not weak paper,u thot,better design also

BlackheartRegia says:

why was the blade slightly extended when you broke the glass?

We Run Guns says:

I hear you have to send it in for sharpening or else you void the warranty if you try to do it on your own. Do they charge for this service? Any word on the turn around time to get your knife back?

Isaac Hagenbuch says:

Is there a good place to find these and easily select custom colors, blade shapes, etc?

Gia Bảo says:

Excuse me
I want to ask about the handle does it stick well in your hand because i got sweaty hands so am afraid the knife will slip out

Alex GG says:

New subscriber! Awesome content! Kinda wish i had saw your videos earlier since im from Miami as well but oh well next time you come down i can get my leo buddies to have a shootout competition if youre interested! Btw can i buy that knife since i can use it here lol

Roland Koller says:

While I understand how you feel about carrying this and it being against the law. But here’s something to think about, you carry a firearm that if you kill someone in defense you are still facing a lengthy court battle. Also you carry a “legal” knife which also would get you into a lengthy legal battle if used to kill someone in self defense. So when it comes to carrying a knife, I’m going to carry my microtech even though I’m in nj because I’d rather have a chance at keeping my life if someone thinks about trying to change that.

Blade HQ says:

Come to Utah. You can carry it all day long here.


I want one

NastyRed USMC says:

You can always regift it to me. Lol

Adam Frederick says:

I disliked the screws on the clip for the Tach III, I daily carry a Benchmade 940 Osborne and a Benchmade 51 Morpho.

RowdyRon says:

Knife laws are bullshit. I’ve got a couple of Ultratech’s that I’ve had for a few years. All of my older models have horrendously difficult to operate open/close switch. Also, since mine are older, instead of the ball bearing glass breaker mine has an extremely pointed/sharp spike at the end. Not good when you’re trying to slide past it to use your pocket. Fit and finish are spectacular. Never carry mine at all. Maybe the newer ones are better. For my money, even though it’s pricier I want a Benchmade Infidel. After I handled one recently I was hooked. Cool video, thanks.

Talon Sei says:

You guys like this kind of video? How about 2k likes for the Tachyon III review?

johnny sand toe says:

We can’t carry those in PA but we can have them in our house dumb but liberals

100 says:

Send it to Microtech for service? HAHAHAHA GL with that

Juan Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez says:

Would you sell this knife?

Kyle Stewart says:

I just decided to buy my first OTF. I was going to buy one of these but I ultimately chose to buy the slightly smaller UTX-85 version since I plan to carry it every day. For anyone wondering, it’s an Ultratech that is 15% smaller. UTX-85 = Ultratech X 85%.

I’m sure I’ll be adding a full sized version to my collection eventually but I really wanted to start with the 85.

Gage Parris says:

I actually carry a double edged ultratech as my EDC. Same as this, but with black hardware/screws. It works great, but the black anodized aluminum can show wear pretty quickly. That and these things are expensive as hell, assuming you can even come by one. They are always out of stock, otherwise they go for $285 and up.

Danny K Smith says:

I like your style. Good job.

Chasengunz Outdoors says:

Enjoyed the video. Be blessed

Grant Parlier says:

Bayonet blades are considered a dirk and are also illegal to carry in lots of states. Might want to check that out.

Gary Gary says:

The single action halo will open and penetrate.

Tom Cast says:

One does not simply leave that knife at home.

TheRustyPyro says:

Aren’t these illegal in PA

Jack Miller says:

Go with a protech.. best action on any auto

Dickie D says:

Funny u mention the movie IT cause i was thinking same thing. Movies and media cause irrational fear of useful tools.

Howard Roark says:

Wait. You can carry a Balisong but not an OTF auto? I thought they were in the same category?

malehangershop Bob Jones says:

Not bad, but once I got my G&G Hawk Deadlock, I never looked back!

Josh says:

What do you think of lightning otf? I’m broke so 275$ is out of my budget

jhanks2012 says:

The ONLY knife law you will ever need to know if you are an American: Shall not be infringed.

RogueRAZR says:

At the same time though, this isnt a switch blade. It’s a double action otf. Single action otfs like the halo V are more your typical switch blade. Those are actually pretty dangerous and will go right through you hand/neck lol.

Ron GUN says:

Dude great work,I’m feeling your style and your mini review covered juts about everything. I have a
D/E stonewashed full single serrated.
My Ultratech is always on my
Person…That thinness and light weight on this piece is

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