Most Common Problem With OTF Automatic Knives…Simple Fix :)–Lightning-OTF–170–Scarab-OTF-Series–270


Evan Lung says:

My otf knife does not lock some times when it shoots out can u help me out

John Demirag says:

Does people really send a message for this? It’s actually funny that they can’t figure out how to fix it lol. I’m sure you’ve got questions about it so that’s why this video is out but again it’s just funny …

GunCollector007 says:

Personally I don’t think OTF knives are very practical for self-defense, there are many times they get stuck halfway and you cannot simply pull them out especially if your other hand is occupied defending yourself.

BD Brandis says:

I did that the first day on a piece of paper. lol

WittleGuppy says:

got a 150 dollar otf that just ACTUALLY broke after 3 weeks

shadeth90 says:

I really want an otf knife for law enforcement. Anyone have any suggestions on brands? I like ravencrest but dont quite have 150 dollars to spend. Looking for one that is durable and will last my whole career.

chris griffin says:

Wow, if you’re sending an email to “fix” that you should probably get a vasectomy so you don’t breed.

RiccoLuv says:

Damn I don’t think that qualifies as a tip considering it’s common fucking sense, I doubt anyone ever put it in their junk drawer til they saw this video….. try again

will highlander says:

that’s for the safety so you don’t stab yourself with the knife you can also flick the knife to make it come out. there are knives similar to that one but the blade doesn’t stop it will go straight through your hand.

tony timpano says:

some times my OTF dose not lock closed what will the cause be i cant seem to work it out can you please help

Ghost Terror #ConTV says:

0:40 its a security lock bro

Barny White says:

holy shit got a helly tech and that happened and u fixed it. ThankYou so much

Keegan Cook says:

the halo might go through your hand, I’ve seen it go through apples.

Alex Wilkinson says:

if anyone has seen the new it the dad wouldn’t have died :/

Pete Johnson says:

Dude, thank you so much for this video. I was freaking out, took this kids h&k 14850 home to clean and sharpen for him and I did the ‘ok let me put some paper in front of this and see what happens…. yeah. Like a $200 knife I thought I broke. Much appreciated

BingCherry11 says:

My uncle told me a story about how one of his best friends (George) was injured by an OTF. Here is the story. George and a couple of his buddies late at night broke into the Dean of Students Office looking to steal the answers to some tests that were coming up. Unfortunately, that night Dean returned to the office to get something. When they heard the Dean approaching his office they had to jump out of a 2nd story window to escape. George made a awkward landing and the OTF fired open. I do not know how much of the blade came out but it cut right into George. His body weight must have caused the knife the penetrate his skin. He was caught and taken to a hospital. There they took care of him. My uncle told me the lesson is that a knife is a tool is NOT a toy!!!! And when you have one it must be treated with respect or it will cut you!!!!

Charles Bevan says:

Love your video’s! But for those who sent you messages wondering how to fix an OTF knife when the blade becomes ajar like that maybe you should do other videos for them. Such as what to do when their battery flash lights stop working, instead of continually throwing the flashlights away maybe you could show them how to replace the batteries. I’d do multiple videos, one for each type of battery size so they don’t get confused and think it only pertains to one battery size only.

Scrappy Bob Barker says:

I’ve owned several otfs but they wore out years ago, what I would like to know is after the blade is out and locked how much stabbing strength is there? can it stab into things and not get broken? excluding the trees and park bench ect ect? what about watermelons tires lions tigers and bears ? or in an actual self defense situation.

ActionHeinz says:

Okay seriously, people who can’t figure out by themselves how to fix this “problem” should not be allowed to own a knife. Not even a butter knife.

Satan's favorite Vapor says:

I had the same problem with my old oft I thought I broke it but like a dam ass I was I did what you did and now I can help out my friend with there otfs thank you for that

Gektoras says:

awsome, thanks for the tip !

Username not found Error says:

I took mine apart to clean it and I learned how it works. The springs are pretty strong. I would say 1/4in to 1/2 in distance that spring travels to catapult the blade out/in. That’s why it can’t beak the paper. There’s no special anything happening here. No derailing or safety engagement. The blade is tossed open and shut by the spring. Hard to explain. I hope I helped someone

hugh says:

Wouldn’t pulling out the blade be anyone’s first thought when it gets stuck?

Operator 78666 says:

If you hear it doesn’t lock, u flick your wrist and blade will be in locked open position.

K B says:

I have proof this guy loves penis!

John Lowe says:

I figured this out in 30 seconds messing with my dads otf

Milos Cvetkovic says:

didnt work for me 🙁

John Strachan says:

I wouldn’t call that a flaw. I’d say it’s more of a safety feature.

Robert Gardner says:

The switch on my otf are tough to use to retract the blade any advice of how to fix

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