My Budget Switchblade Knives

A look at my budget automatic knives.


Eddie King says:

Dope collection.

The Pomp King says:

I love the greaser knives!

John Harrington says:

Lol thanks I was bored outta my mind so I watched your video nice little collection

Glenn Davis says:

lots of good knifes for under 50 bucks – screw those companies that get 400 to 600 bucks for the autos

Rottweiler says:

9:00 I had one just like the white one that was like a marble handle that was beautiful the stupid cop at my school took it from me some lil bitch snitched on me

William Brown says:

I got my auto switchblades at a military surplus store try those

Bruce Kersman says:

love your collection:  I can only get Schrade OTF knives sent to Pa.  do you sell these and if not, where can I get a few sent to Pennsylvania??? Our state is so stupid when it comes to things such as this and wine and liquor…

ShoeOnBottle says:

I have a automatic stiletto knife but instead of a blade it’s comb

Frank Grimey Grimes says:

I always thought that stiletto knife blades were double-sided?

GavinThe ComicNerd says:

I like the one at about 10:00. I love the older looking switchblades.


Thumbs up on the vid

david broussard says:

purchased a switchblade at a New Mexico truck stop/gift shop, few months ago, 20$ could not resist…

Silverado 316 says:

That could be a rap i bot this at a gun show about 3 or 4 years ago o o o o o o o

FightClub says:

My friend has a original stiletto always with him so I asked him: will you put it action in any means nesesery?! He said: of curse NOT!!

lil scarred says:

fuck ya I got a 1980 stiletto knife

Oblivious Xpert21 says:

I’m thinking of The Outsiders, Johnny’s switchblade

coolplayz Nogame says:

Some cool switch blades JW ,,,even though they are restricted to carry I would like to own a few for collection purposes,,,those are classics,,,✌

I J says:

Ugh I love the last two I wanna keep one haha lol, but seriously though, I want keep one

iAmNotHuman says:

9:21 Nicee

Lee White says:

I have a tomb raider otf but mine came with the finger loop which goes in the square hole at the top. It was used by the Art collecter in the second tomb raider movie. He was with the Alumiti. Mine broke but I still have the finger loop if you want it.

Preston Collazo says:

My favret

Pasquale says:

I had a lever lock knife with the exact same problem as yours. My blade also stuck out a little. Never was able to repair it.

MensajesDelEterno says:

9:34 Taiwan is in Republic of China not Japan. good video

oogity-boogity woogity says:

Illegal in Commiefornia. Damn I hate my state.

music for u says:

these are sweet

Alex H. says:

Cool, like

Scott Rauber says:

Today, I began seeking info on auto’s……knew pretty much nothing until I watched your vid. Thanks!!

Grady L. says:

Those edgeco lever locks are amazing, I can’t find the green one anywhere and that style is hard to find probably because edgeco is long gone, any tips for getting one like the two you have under or around $100?

Gavin Hickson says:

Does a hidden blade count as an OTF?

Elwood hoo says:

Let’s see if anyone agrees with me. there is two type of people that own slotted case. it’s either knives owner or fountain pen owners

Vicki Sincoff says:

Omg the switchblade at 12:0 Henry bowers from Stevenkings 1990 it

Xero Enigma Ⓥ says:

Some these OTF knives look like they were made by 80’s car designers lol.

pat lucas says:

ive been looking for some time for a decent switchy as a gift for my dad to add to his collection…he does have one altho,if memory serves me correctly its quite rattly and the return switch is temperamental but more importantly its ugly as fuck…asthetics is important because he spent an obscene amount of money on a bespoke handmade display case complete with stupidly expensive laminated glass..which,it has to be said looks the business albeit for this POS switchblade…unfortunately here in the good old UK knives are not looked upon very favourably,particularly the models that are auto retractable..for example carrying a run of the mill lock knife will get you a caution…being caught carrying a switcher will get you prosecuted so as you can imagine finding a seller of switchers is proving more difficult than i had expected…so my question to you is…can you recommend any companies or private sellers who can help me out with obtaining a decent knife to replace the shit one he has atm please..?

tr3nta says:

I love stilettos, makes me proud to be Italian, the mafia must have had some fun with those hehe

nicholas rodriguez says:

I only have a out the front single edge blade almost exactly like the first one you showed. Is this a good blade for protection???

bogoljub djordjevic says:

I have many stiletto from 80′ I know my come from Germany but was in box and must put together yourself

Charles Smith says:

Here in Indiana they allowed us to carry auto,s. But there is a 3.5 blade limit on all folding knives

احمد كمال says:

Nice collection

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