My switchblade/stiletto knife collection

So i know these arent technically switchblades but meh. Anyways im back in the old formans basement studios for a bit and i thought we would take a quick look at my collection of stiletto knives. The picture quality is better because im recording with my new phone but sadly my microphone broke recently so theres minor audio discrepancies throughout the video, other than that it turned out alright. Tomorrow i plan on doing another video but ive been feeling a bit under the weather these past couple months so we’ll see how that goes


Miguel Angel Castrillon Ochoa says:


Forman's Basement says:

Ive always considered the stiletto to be a gentleman’s knife despite its unfair reputation as a weapon. They’re really no different than a regular knife. Knives in general are not good self defense weapons, in most cases you would be better off with a stick or a leather belt. The only reason i collect them is i think they look cool, but i dont get much use out of them except light tasks like opening packages. Anyway, i hope you all enjoy the video


Cheers brother awesome video

D's house of Dank says:

The real switchblade has a button you press on the side I have one but still like you said is kind of half ass quality, I prefer a decent to good made butterfly knife myself.

Tanner says:

If you want to get a good one you will pay from 70 to even 150 I have one and it’s 85 dollars but really great I won’t ever buy one for less than 70

TobyLSC says:

what’s the name of the 3rd one he reviewed?

allan chitra says:

just incase you need to stab a guy terrible!

tristan barnett says:

Yeah where I live. I live in Arkansas at first everybody was always telling me that switchblades are illegal but then I started seeing them being sold at gas station flea markets and at regular stores so I actually did my own research and found out that in Arkansas you can legally carry any kind of automatic knives but the blade length law still applies

Boa Boy says:

Who remembers the switchblade comb

Sayoz says:

I love stilettos soo much

The RR-GIO-W2E says:

can anybody tell me if these switchblades/stilettos are legal to carry in Texas?

Stefan Eccles says:

Good collection Frank!

TheDragonINFINITE says:

Why would you need a 47 cm ak bayonet
Ask that bear
Thats tight

Tactile Cola says:

I think that color is called “seafoam green”, nice video!

matan shitfuck says:

I know people thatve gotten into knife fights

Evolian Magazines says:

Camera quality looking good man

bmbandrew says:

hey man just found your channel and love your shit. got an instagram?

Miguel Angel Castrillon Ochoa says:

That 70’s shoe

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