New Kershaw Launch 7 Automatic Knife! | The Knife Table Ep. 2

Ben and Austin discuss the new Kershaw Launch 7 Automatic Knife as well as the entire Kershaw Launch line. Check them out here:–Kershaw-Auto–278?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_campaign=2017vu&utm_term=new%20kershaw%20launch%20models!%20%7C%20the%20knife%20table%20ep.%202


Jinx says:

Are these knives %100 made in USA ? I’ve seen some of the Kershaw brand come from overseas.

JMan9191991 says:

I have the 6 and have loved it for quite some time. Only problem with mine is the tip is broken on it (tried to pry a panel off of a rooftop package AC unit, didn’t bring my flathead up) but other than that it is good. Seriously considering the 7 though, might have to see a few more demos of it.

CAPGOD1 says:

I agree the launch 4 is awesome. It be a great gift

Chayavat Mokarakorn says:

Mine’s the Launch 3

Ed T says:

I like the 2, 3, and 6. Don’t know which one I want first though. Will choose one by tonight!

Sal Philly says:

I have the 7 but I want the 6 . It reminds me of the sog aegis which is one of my all time favs blade shape .

Kyle says:

I think the 4 and 6 are my favorite

Ethan G says:

Are any of these legal to carry in New York?

cameron brown says:

Hey don’t worry about calling the gimping serrations. My roommate calles them “serrades”

SmoothbassmanStudios says:

I love my Launch 4. I’m looking to get a second one for my bag. Great overview of the entire line. Let’s me see them in one place together.

bp69 says:

They should have mad the launch 4 1.5 inches would have made it mass legal

Emmanuel Castro says:

he says wup alot

Wrath 353 says:

Who else saw the fidget spinner next to the launch 7

Jerry Cast says:

Cool and informative video, thanks for sharing. Also you both sound the THE nicest guys! Keep up the great work, gentlemen.

G3garton says:

0:28, 2:20, 4:20, 6:34, 6:46

Havok 442000 says:

Just picked up the 7 today!

Julio Inoa says:

excellent episode. the kershaw launch is a great series. i have the 5. the bronze handle and blackwash blade makes it a beauty. and so ergonomic

ThunderWolf39 says:

Most of those handles look uncomfortable to me except the launch 5, not had them in hand yet though.

infamouscoma886 says:

I want the red 6 and 7 badly! Mostly the 6 though!

johnnyboy922 says:

Have a 6, looking at a 7. After seeing all of them side by side, I want them all. for $700 you get way more blade than if you bought 2 of the more expensive autos.

JG Harts says:

Cause visit a state a lot that requires under 2inch auto, it would have to be the #4. I think the best one is the #6!

Michael Carroll says:

Torn between buying the 1 or 3, or buying one of the Piranha autos.

snowBlind says:

… It’s a sad day when even California has a laxer knife law in regards to autos. I’d love something like the 4 as a daily carry. Microtech also makes a nice small auto. Unfortunately, illegal to own and illegal to carry in MN.


Some of these seem to take cues from Benchmade. The 6 and 7 remind me of the 940, but they still have their own thing going on.

Onetrueredhood Collects says:

Just purchased a Kershaw Launch 1 from your website.

Erik Gary says:

I want a 2

FootballofOregonBro says:

Launch 8??

Kyle Duddleston says:

I carry the launch two every day except when the clip loosens, which is when I carry my newer Gerber paraframe until I tighten the clip back up. But I do have the seemingly common problem with the blade rebounding before the latch grabs it. Other than that it’s a wonderful knife that keeps a great edge.

Philip England says:

Just bought the 4 since I will soon be moving to the Lake Tahoe area and will be working in California but still wanted to carry an auto.

TheEmiliodiaz says:

Getting a launch here soon, thinking between the 1 and 7. Any recommendation?

Ollie The Renegade says:

I edc the launch 4.

Knuckles Dragon says:

Like the 4 for compact carry, but it sure as hell isn’t worth $99. Well, not to me anyway. Looks more like a $40 at the outside….

Nate Bowman says:

it bounced off the stop pin.

Cocio Blade Reviews says:

I got the Launch 4 about a month ago and I have a launch 1 but I got the 4 so 1: I can carry in California if I have too and still have a USA automatic knifen (I hate california btw) and 2: Like stated in the video it’s a lot more acceptable in public if I had to pull it out in Safeway, or in the mall etc. It won’t scare people too much. Everything aside it’s an amazing little knife and perfect for EDC. Great video BHQ.

sterls says:

your personalities are gay… youre trying to cover up the fact that you want to make a long enough video to monetize. and youre just trying to sell product when no one wants to hear about what you have to say about some shitty knives with springs too strong for such a light cheap blade and cheap handles. ive tried to watch these reviews of knives that i want to buy and all of them have successfully turned me away from buying a knife. thanks guys keep up the great work.

patton mann says:

I fucking hate Illinois because autos are ban

dave williams says:

Not a fan of this format. I’d rather see the ‘knife banter’ camera angle personally.

Tyler says:

Just ordered the Launch 7 yesterday. It was a long search because I couldn’t decide between the Launches and also the Sog Spec Elite 2

blipblip88 says:

Quick action, but they’re all kinda ugly tho..

Rexczi says:

1:05 you know a auto knife is powerful when the coffe almost jumps outta the cup

Nicer Knifes says:

the 2 is my favorite, teh bulseye button just kinda stabs into my eyes, and i love cerations, but i am not old enough for an automatic )-;

af22raptor23503 says:

I own the original Launch 5 with the wash stainless blade and black frame and my wife really liked the ergos on it so I got her the Purple frame and black blade Launch 5. I’m placing an order for a Launch 6 black on black to join my other Auto blades in the EDC knife rotation. I am also thinking about the Launch 2 black on black and the 3 blue and black.

David Tate says:

I got the launch 1 not bad its cool .love the blade shape .i wish it had jemping on the blade . but good ?

snowBlind says:

Really like the 2, 3, and 4. Too bad autos aren’t legal in MN! Even Cali gets one, sheesh..

The4cp says:

The 7 is awesome I love the 2 , 5 and 6 as well.

Tom Garcia says:

you actually can’t carry any of these in california, i don’t know why he said that you could carry the small one


i got the 2 and 5, getting the 3.. 5 has killer grip… looking for the 1

david kowalkowski says:

launch 4 in blue. perfect EDC 🙂

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