One Crazy OTF!!! Microtech Venomtech DE / OTF Automatic Knife

Overall Length: 10.50″ Blade Length: 5.50″ Cutting Edge: 5.25″ Blade Thickness: 0.125″ Blade Material: ELMAX Blade Style: Dagger Blade Grind: Flat Blade Finish: Black Edge Type: Serrated Handle Length: 4.625″ Closed Length: 7.125″ Handle Thickness: 0.47″ Handle Material: Aluminum Handle Color: Black Weight: 3.70 oz. Knife Type: Double-Action OTF Automatic Opener: Sliding Button Brand: Microtech Model: VT-3 Country of Origin: USA
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Limited Edition Run! Meet the Venomtech, a cousin once removed of the Ultratech and newest member of the Microtech family. You may notice some similar familial features; sleek black anodized chassis, finely milled details like the stepped actuating button and custom tri-wing screws. You probably also noticed some glaring differences. Without going into details, we’ll just say the Venomtech “acquired” his enhanced features like many of our radiation-induced superheroes.

The VT functions (almost) like any other double-action Microtech OTF. Slide the button forward and the blade extends, pull the button back and the blade retracts. The thing is, the VT has some extra blade real estate. Fully retracted, the blade extends out the handle 2″ which means fully extended the blade clocks in at 5.5″!

The VT conceals its identity with a sleek, form-fitting tailored suit, something akin to Clark Kent, only revealing his true self at opportune moments that call it to action. Once unmasked with blade in full glory and the custom VT Microtech “M” emblazoned on his chest, this knife is a force to be reckoned with.

Elmax Steel, Black
Double Edge Blade, Plain & Fully Serrated
Kydex Pocket Sheath
Extended Impact Spike
Custom Microtech Venomtech Logo
Birth Year 2014
Serial Number #199 out of 1000


Sullyvan says:

Seems retarded to me…

E Rumsch says:


caleb jaymes says:

looks sick

Ian Gratton says:

Someone did alot of meth when they were designing this thing.

The Drunken Pumpkin says:

You should heat it up to 1000 degrees.

jimmy says:

for 400 bucks it has a shorter handle then the blade lol wow

War Hammer says:

Why the hell didn’t they make the handle bigger I have one. And it would be my coolest knife if it where pocketable safely.


Damn that’s a bad ass knife I’ve got to get one of those for myself

Bbb Hhh says:

I’m a bit late to this but i noticed the green day and i think that’s great

Sander Bærøy Johansen says:

You could filet a damn salmon with that blade! Holy shit, bad ass

Jarod Ames says:

I was wondering why he had a kydex sheath.

Jason Morales says:

I know this is a long shot, but can I have an otf?

Clifford Mcbee says:

just like a gun..would you rather be caught with out protection in a day when bad dudes run in packs like wild dogs.

riot _control66 says:

sooo ugly and what a dumb design why wouldnt they just make the hamdle longer

Stan wedle says:

Nice blade, but for $280.00 I will have to live without one.



loot says:

y would they just make the handle cover the blade. this is really dumb

Angel Pabellon says:

whats the price on this

wilson69 says:


AloisBlazit 005 says:

1:56… thats longer than, nevermind

Vis Celeritas says:

Wilcox Tactical makes a knife real similar to this one. They make them in Idaho. Great company.
I bought 3. Check them out

Johnny Lifeson says:

Don’t care for the knife sticking out of the handle . But that is a big blade . I prefer the Benchmade .

Rick Ward says:

where did you buy it or what website

E Rumsch says:

companies junk,knifes junk

Dave Fritz says:

Turn off the shitty background music…

Milan Rosenkranc jr. says:

Where can i buy the venomtech long one

Misho Pruidze says:

I want to make an assassin’s creed hidden blade using a simple otf switchblade, all the blades are really short, this would be awesome.

biggie cheese cheese says:

where can I buy it?
I want 2 cut sum cheeeeese

Rick Ward says:

do u no win u will get more

The trusty Marksman says:

Are you playing green day

Miguel Arellano says:

ahhh I see. it is a shank and a knife!

Warlord2029 says:

Wicked love to have that in my collection.

1966 FIGO says:

Finally, we see a real Stiletto & not a switch blade knife passed of by the presenter as a STILLETO.

westen odell says:

I don’t like that cuz u can’t retract the blade all the way

Marsmith says:

This thing looks stupid lol

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