OTF Knife Buyers’ Guide | Knife Banter Ep. 41

Today it’s all about them OTFs! Check out all our Out The Front knives here: https://goo.gl/nxtufY

Knives in order of appearance:

Microtech Ultratech: https://goo.gl/iHRTDk

Microtech Halo V: https://goo.gl/L1X5di

Microtech Cypher: https://goo.gl/bkJHd6

Microtech UTX 85: https://goo.gl/iF77xu

Benchmade Mini Infidel & Infidel: https://goo.gl/wZ9YNX

Benchmade Phaeton: https://goo.gl/Qp3xhE

AKC F-16: https://goo.gl/qaBAHY

AKC Concord: https://goo.gl/KNFeGB

S&W Finger Actuator: https://goo.gl/kzNcV6

Schrade Viper: https://goo.gl/Gdr29T

Mini D/A OTF Lighter: https://goo.gl/S9EAFF

Guard Father Spike OTF: https://goo.gl/EJM2SV

Paragon Para-XD: https://goo.gl/FnLeXw

Pro-Tech Dark Angel: https://goo.gl/pvU34b

Piranha Rated R: https://goo.gl/Xg8sMY

Heretic Knives Cleric: https://goo.gl/QSuWg5

Hogue OTF: https://goo.gl/NsVorU

G&G Hawk Deadlock: coming soon…


kyle martin says:

Surprised there was nothing from ravencrest tactical.

anton eckart says:

lol 3200. youd have to be insane. you can get a custom pistol for that much.

Braindoner101 says:

That also reminds me. I once tried to sell my bounty hunter ultra tech to blade hq but they didn’t want it. I haven’t even show the pictures.

Juan Ramirez says:

I have the concord, good knife lol

DreamcatcherMedia says:

Old Hickory makes a great ice pick for $5

Joel Moore says:

Lol halo 5 single action for 3k nope

Snurker says:

The Schrade Viper is a beast imo. There was a video here on YouTube of a guy slamming the blade through about a 2 inch thick cutting board multiple times without it breaking, sadly mine couldn’t take that kind of beating, and the spring inside broke.

Nathan Medina says:

next life on the knist

frank kociara says:

what about da godfathers?

Simon höglund says:

I have said it before and imma say it again, im watching this for the editing. Amazing timing

Arcane Furor says:

if the spike had a loop on the end. could do a paracord woven tail, and it could make a decent anchor in some situations.

James Anderson says:

Helly Tec?

deathraydave says:

Looking for my first OTF any recommendations

Jb1201995 says:

Fantastic vid! Expected nothing less from Blade HQ. One thing I felt the that should have been brought to attention during the discussion (albeit prohibitive to talk about on this specific video where many knives are covered in a relatively short amount of time. Not a bash, just saying that this was clearly not meant to be a deep dissection of each knife) is that, as an Ultratech owner myself knowing how important it is to keep clean so that it operates smoothly, any OTF knife with a “blood groove” that has been entirely cut through allowing one to see straight through the center of the knife blade, as is the case with the Protech Dark Angel and the Paragon Para-XD, appears to be a terrible design feature with regards to reliability. My reason is this: I would wager the vast majority of people who own a high end brand OTF knows that, with frequent use and even simply unwittingly allowing the smallest amount to pocket lint or what have you, which accumulates over time will inevitably cause an OTF mechanism to seize up, forcing you to send it in to be cleaned by the company that made the knife, or, as I myself and probably many others choose to do is to simply take our knife apart ourselves to clean it which can really be a hassle, especially if you are in the middle of a work day and it has decided to no longer function properly. Just my thoughts.

Nolan Clarke says:

Anyone know how to get one in Canada?

Ut terminatur ruina Restituo salutem says:

never been a fan of the OTF but that may have been cause of the price and every penny had to be spent wisely. but now after my fast food working and army days I’m liking the OTF a bit more, also if you could show some more Autos. great vid

Blaire Nikolai says:

@bladehq i would like to buy my first OTF knife do you ship knives to philippines??

Boto Boyz says:

I had my viper for years now and no problems

Rigg15 says:

How long can you use a decent OTF before you see a decline in performance ?


Otf triton knife new modell

Rafi Ahmed Chowdhury says:

*A L U M I N I U M*

Bob Murphy says:

Don’t know what otf mean. Wish you added more priced with every knife.

Mitchel Smith says:

What do you think of the benchmade 4700 precipice

James Chastain says:

Hey, my name is James Kenley Chastain, but I go by my middle name Kenley, so you can call me James or Kenley, it doesn’t matter to me. Anyway, I have the Benchmade Infidel 3300, and it’s all black, meaning black blade, black handle, and I never use it because it’s the only one I have and I have it as a collectors item, I’m just bummed because I wasn’t thinking and wearing it on my belt without the sheath and I bumped into a white painted door frame, and it’s got this tiny white schuff on the top right by where the bolt is on the side on the top of the handle where the blade ejects, it almost looks like you could just wipe it right off because it’s just a little white line from the paint. Does anyone know how to fix that, or get it of without damaging the annadized handle. Please let me know. Great show guys!

what? says:


Simon A says:

Hey guys
Im searching for a double action otf with a price of maximum up to 100$.
Are there any knifes that u could recommend to me?

HunterXray says:

9:19 Sorry, but it’s not $40 but $50 on your site as of today.

pannan80 says:

I bought a microtech from Pvk.vegas & of course it did not work. That’s $350 down the crapper.
Avoid Pvk.vegas at all cost.

Fábio says:

Great video with huge quantity of blades and good presentes. But the way the blades were shot…. I felt dizzy. Do it like a table top review when shooting the blades. I couldn’t notice details, operation and size comparison of the blades.

Charlie Jacobs says:

Do a pen video

Braindoner101 says:

1:28 I totally have one of those bounty hunter ultratechs

coydog outdoors says:

the problem with bowie knives is their usually cheaply made on a line somewhere out of questionable steel theirs good ones but the good ones will cost you

Jarhead says:

No Ravencrest?

Chad Brown says:

Halo lmao what a game.

Burak Can Yilmaz says:

So expensive its crazy…

andrew domenitz says:

The Deadlock tolerances are probably so tight it needs to be taken apart a lot just to take out the lint. It fired while in your hands, but if I owned one it probably would not. I own examples from their high end on their left, our right and have had them all apart.

By the way I have bought quite a few knives from this company, they could look up my account. I have more than a few pounds of knives.

Meme FACTORY 不同 says:

So. Many. Knives. *_*Mom yelling at me intensified*_*


Otf modell knife kya milsakta ha kya ?

HunterXray says:

Microtech doesn’t make enough knives.

fleetwoodray says:

My favorite still is the DKW Sandshark. I think the video testing it by stabbing a 50 gallon oil drum about 30 times and didn’t effect it at all. It had a screw adjustment in case over long period the blade ever started to get play. But my carry since 2006 is a double edge red devil Scarab. Still has the original spring and works like a Patek Philippe.

Rich Williams says:

Hey guys,

I love your reviews. But, can you please mention the prices of each knife when you are reviewing them? Other than that, keep on keeping on!

Thanks guys.

Cason Amazing says:

Harbor freight sales ice picks

Tanner Doolittle says:

Is the akc concord better quality than the f-16?

anton eckart says:

i dont see any advantage in this over a fixed blade, and seems like a great way to lose a testicle.

Hunter Swain says:

What, no love for Paragon?

nsw550 says:

ZT0450cf is my favorite

Josh Grosdidier says:

What about raven crest

hiram tizol says:

Microtexh bobafett otf is still my prized possession of all time!!!

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