PEW PEW! AKC F-16 OTF Automatic Knife Review. A fun cheapish switchblade.

The AKC F-16 is a under $50 budget switchblade. that’s fun to use and fidget with. This OTF automatic, is a dual action. Just press forward to open, and pull backward to close the knife- like the lord intended. It satisfies the pew pew in all of us. The cheap fidget knife is similar to the Lightning OTF. Also seen in this video: Kershaw Cryo 2, Ganzo G736, and the Benchmade FACT. Also I talk about how cool the Hawk Deadlock is.
Grindworx F-16 OTF Knives:
Lightning OTF:
Double Action OTF knives:
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sunshyn21 says:

Bro can’t believe you got rid of the lightning! I have a benchmade phaeton and play with the lightning more. Also there was one point where you were deploying and retracting the knife and a bug was flying around and I was like ” all right it’s on “

MasterStormCrow says:

Yes on the list, but me having money and the email arriving are never in parity it seems!! Love this budget OTF, if only to play with, pew pew!! Cheers Bro!

cafn8ed74 says:

I watched the whole video, but I still don’t understand what this knife has to do with dog shows. WTF??!!??

SandBrother says:

Expected some hip hop beats

FlamQ Dbltap says:

The opposite of pew is wep..bro. So it’s pew,wep,pew,wep.

Rust-O says:

Definitely needed more singing.
Smart move, bro-o-don.

Living The Dream aka whubaddum says:

Man, I can’t even get a Kershaw assisted imported these days. Funny thing was that border control classed it as a “gravity” knife.

Zev G. says:

Lol satire

Bob Aus Metalheim says:

I challenge you for 1 full length review singqing only! A whole musical if youre at it!

CVN71 OU812 says:

“Love the one you’re with”.

Jimmy B says:

When I saw PEW PEW in the title, I assumed that you meant that the knife was real bad. I believe you meant PFFT PFFT or PaChu PaChu. I definitely would watch a video with one of those in the title.

Clayton Shuff says:

One of my life goals is to get rich enough to buy you a Benchmade Phaeton, my wife would love that.

Sheeple4thePeople ! says:

I’ll have a Deadlock some day….when they’re being traded for a roll of toilet paper and a .375 bottle of Jim Beam after SHTF.

Zachary Brobst says:

I’m gonna have that song stuck in my head all night now

Derek Wood says:

Dad was a cop too, got my fair share of items collected from “citizens”. The best was bikes. I guess if they found bikes or they were turned in and nobody claimed them within a certain time, then he could bring them home. Don’t know if I ever had to buy a bike as a kid. Pretty sure a decent number of the knives in his collection got there by the same method.

Christopher H says:

TIL the opposite of PEW is PEW

Just Mike says:


A Ray says:

Skat Cat…

Chinese knives says:

Mmmm illegal in my country.

kayok07 says:

John Wick would beg to differ on the usefulness of the OTF and what John Wick says goes Brotha

Thomas Tsunami says:

You should totally sing in more of your reviews…totally…

mythrol says:

The throw away line of, “While the single edge version is better for batoning…” made me laugh at the thought of batoning an automatic knife.

Larry Blocker says:

Am I the only one watching with a Deadlock?

VGC says:

Under 50 bucks? Shit I’d pay that lol.

nathanyamaha465 says:

Hey Advanced Knife Bro, What do you think about Flat Earth?

jonny anger says:

Singing in reviews? No. Singing reviews! As in sing the entire review. In slooooowww mmmoooottiiioooonnn.

SpyderHeel says:

I bet the Advanced Knife Wife™ got pretty annoyed when you were playing with your adult toy while sitting on the couch watching tv. *SCHLICK SCHLACK* *SCHLICK SCHLACK*

49Giants says:

When you said brass knuckles, crack pipe, and switchblade, I thought of a pimp starter kit!!

Chris Allison says:

When my Deadlock comes in I will baton the shit out of it through some Australian devil wood and think of this channel. One day Cold Steel will make a tri-ad OTF with an 8 inch blade and 10 inch handle. It will be called the Death Frenzy XXL and I will buy that too.

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