Piranha Bodyguard Automatic Knife (Switchblade Fun)

What an awesome Stiletto like blade from Idaho’s own Piranha knife company. Super fast action, really light weight and with a functional tactical coated blade.

This Bodyguard has a black finished blade with a plain cutting edge. The handle is red marble anodized aluminum with a tactical black pocket clip and hardware.

The Piranha Bodyguard is a contemporary spin on the classic stiletto style. These automatic knives fire hard and fast with the push of the button. The Bodyguard has an anodized 6061-T6 aluminum handle with the firing button on front and a titanium clip on back for tip-up carry. The blade is premium CPM-S30V stainless steel.


Graham says:

150$ for one

Martin Cole says:

I just realized you sound exactly like Jeff Bridges. Maybe try to make some bucks doing voice overs for commercials. Bridges gets half a million for a 30 second spot!

KnifeTex says:

Very interesting knife, thanks for sharing!

v mann says:

How much? Not a big fan of blade play

400SS says:

Sweet anodizing. Btw, you wouldn’t happen to have any experience with one of the Terzuola atcf’s? Construction (IMO) looks similar to Emerson’s cusoms. Not particularly looking to buy (my funds disappear and random knives show up, lol) just wondering.

58spitfirerocker says:

The anno reflects the surface finnish of the aluminum. Gloss is produced by polishing the base metal first. Check out anno shops like P.K. For examples. Cheers

fakee namee says:

hey man love your channel just dropped by to ask…..DO YOU EVEN LIFT!?!? haha just had to drop that line noticed we’re subbed to alot of the same channels, keep posting good vids. ^^

Iron Shaft says:

I might choose the prowler just because of comic sans

zunedog31 says:

Did they use comic sans on the blade?

Vijyes Yechuri says:

You are wasting people’s time by mislabelling. this is semi-automatic. Automatic means dual action knife. These knives are pretty unclassy

hamanncheese says:

oh man, been eyeballing this exact knife for a year but can’t carry auto’s legally in Wisconsin, I just know i would hate leaving it on the shelf!

Sara Johnson says:

boring.  Carter, you are so restless.

emrguns1 says:

Dig the Red, thanks again for the great reviews.

Milo Witmer says:

Do you own any SOG knifes? If so do you like them

Cyberwave Orchestra says:

Hey Carter, are you interested in joining the Fullscreen Network with your channel? I can recommend you 😉

NorcalMoto says:

Where ya been?

PkwyDrive13 says:

Do you still have this for sale?

biblical giants says:

…it really is a nice knife..fires fast..gets sharp..fits nice in back pocket…but I stripped the clip screw hole out on mine..

Almost Smart says:

The have bigger models like the amazon.

BananaBoat629 says:

ordered the orange color of this knife

Bradley Zimmerman says:

did you stop making vids? :

sticktodrum says:

Typical Type 2 anodizing is relatively thin, and doesn’t have a texture of its own. Similar to a Tungsten DLC coating, it reflects whatever the finish of the metal is. Polished aluminum with a standard Type 2 anodize will still be polished. Bead blasted aluminum will also retain that matte finish. Type 3 hard anodizing very slightly changes the texture, but it’s still not very dramatic. That finish looks pretty similar to what several paintball companies have done with their finishes. Very nice smoke pattern. Cheers.

Mike Hughes says:

Thanks for the look Carter, I have a one and I like it. The CPM S30V is a nice steel, holds an edge very well.  My problem is that I feel the handle is to slippery. Considering roughing it up a bit, although the grooves do provide some traction.  Want to get (mine is black) a color one soon. Thanks again!  Have a good one….

ctool1800 says:

Didn’t know you were in utah. I should come check out your collection someday, currently in utah county. Love me some idaho too. Born and raised in the gem state. My dad always said Idaho is the place where the sun always shines and the wind never blows. I will have to check out pirhana knives for sure.

Вова Пудовкин says:


JW's BulletsNBlades says:

I really like this knife

Erik Olsby says:

wheres some new videos bud?

Mr.Eliel says:

holy shit the blade text is comic sans

Knife Nut says:

The Piranha Amazon has a 3.5 inch blade and the Predator has a 4.1 inch blade.

K G says:

Does it have a safety lock? Or does the button require a decent amount of force to open? I just dont want to accidentally open it in my pocket or bag

William B says:

I know your video was posted 2 years ago, but wanted to add that I’ve had this model for 10 years and it
has performed flawlessly! I’ve only had to send it in once to them after the spring failed which they replaced
free of charge, sharpened the blade, and lubed the knife. They undoubtedly stand behind their product 100%!!
he side to side play was something that I wasn’t too thrilled about, but it was at a minimum. The coating on the blade
is still original at probably 95% or better. The coating on the handle has worn a bit, however the handle itself has held up
without a problem over time. This had been my EDC up till 2 weeks ago when I bought a Protech Les George Rockwell auto
which is an awesome knife. Can’t compare the two really, but I actually like the smooth finish enamel feel on my Piranha a
bit better than the matte finish in the Protech. I will probably switch knives as my EDC and never get rid of the Piranha.
I am looking at getting their Excalibur OTF model. Just trying to dig deep to come up with almost $400 to do so.

fandecouteaux says:

Hi from France, love your channel and your knives reviews. It is very usefull for me when I want to buy a new knife. I have got a French channel fandecouteaux for all the French knives addict. Merry christmas to you and continu informing us on knives

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