Probably the best California legal switchblade ever protech half breed

Taking a look at the protech half breed the first s35vn steel knife for protech knife I have owned I seriously think this is the best production made California legal automatic as far as user knife on the market today


Lugermonger says:

yep my bad my bad carbon fiber not G 10

Leonard Wong says:

Well…. somethings better than nothing.

FU says:

I’d rather carry fixed blade

Jay Tea says:

I want one of these now. Im in the market for something OTF/auto for work. Nothing too big or crazy bc i’d use it only for basic day to day things like opening packages, mail and maybe the most thin cardboard. Something like this would be perfect, full(ish) size handle and a blade big enough to get the job done.

SmallBlock351Cleveland says:

Well you caused me to buy one! I just received my new Protech Sprint 2905 and I love it but i needed something with a little more handle so I purchased the Halfbreed. So i blew $230 in two days for Protech knives!

snowfort77 says:

Ok. Awesome but protech needs to get off the high horse…$120 for this is too much. I would even settle for 90. For a less than 2″ blade i would rather pay $30 less for the Kershaw launch 4.

Rods Ahed says:

Wait… We can own Stillettos over 2in. As long as it’s in storage? Cause that’s what I do, collect them.

Anthony Smith says:

It might be made for California laws but it looks like a great blade nonetheless. I would carry that here in the south.

Jonathan Berumen says:

*carbon fiber inlay

Jeremian Lastly says:

@ 1:35 oh fucking man does that look lame or what??? CA sucks… That’s like if a girl brings home a 6’6″ black dude with size 13 shoes and hands big enough to palm a bowling ball and then she gets his pants off and he’s packing 4″ down there… hahahaha…

Nowhere Man says:

Thanks for the vid and info. Need something to protect myself and I guess this the best I can legally do here in California. Love this state so much. Love it. Don’t want to leave this hellhole at all. I love this place.

I'm Green says:

CA with there laws.what a shitty liberal state.

Todd graham says:

Seems like a switch blade which may be illegal

Paul Tonkes says:

Unfortunately illegal in my country 🙁

My Quickjab209 says:

To small of a blade for the price it should be around 50$

Angel Rivas says:

where can I buy one

Sid says:

i actually have a Microtech CA legal edition for sale.

Austin Kim says:

I’m only curious not hating on the knife or the video, but how is this legal? This looks like assisted opening to me, wouldnt that therefore be illegal in california?

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