Protech Godfather Automatic Knife Review

Protech Godfather Automatic Knife Gray w/ Black G10 (4″ Satin Plain) 900

This Godfather knife has a satin finished 154-CM steel blade. The handle is gray finished aluminum with G10 inlays, satin finished hardware and a black tip-up carry pocket clip.
The design of the Protech Godfather automatic was influenced by the original Italian “Stilleto” knives. It features Protech’s signature bayonet style blade, a slim handle and premium materials. The Godfather utilizes a coil spring for impressive push button action that never grows old. The build, fit and finish of the Godfather is exceptional, something that is true of all Protech knives.

The Godfather is offered in a wide range of materials and finishes, click HERE to view all the Godfather knives we have in stock.

Overall Length: 9.3″
Blade Length: 4″
Blade Thickness: 0.125″
Blade Steel: 154-CM, 59RC
Handle Material: T6-6061 Aluminum
Closed Length: 5.3″
Handle Thickness: 0.485″
Weight: 4 oz.
Made in the USA


XIUXIU1313 says:


metabolife says:

pro tip : DO NOT CARRY THIS THING IN YOUR POCKET… my pinkie hates this knife

XIUXIU1313 says:


XIUXIU1313 says:

Nice man! Just don’t get caught!

lifebreath77 says:

“… to pierce through some soft material …” Like cardboard? lol.

Jacob Mcconihay says:

Sweet knife,but aside from edc use I only see this being useful for stabbing a shit bag who wants to hurt you

samurai165 says:

Gorgeous knife!!

Jack Dyment says:

The Folder of the Day sounds like very fun

XIUXIU1313 says:



I have always loved that knife!!!

XIUXIU1313 says:

Cant wait to see if brother

Nemesio Mendoza III says:

How is the lock up on the Godfather, any blade play?@xiuxiu1313

doctorxring says:

“What would this be used for ?” One thing. Ventilation.

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah, One of my friends was going out of business. So he called me a while back because his wife wanted for him to get rid of the junk that she called the knives people that ordered them but then didn’t pick them up. In the group of knives was a Fallkniven Northern Lights Njord, I knew Fallkniven were expensive because I own a A-1, also I was familiar with Puma Knives and he had a Puma Eiche Wolf in 440C with Oak Handle, and he had a United Cutlery Throwing Hawk with points all over it, I knew it wasn’t too expensive, and in that group was a Blue/Black ProTech Godfather Switchblade that I knew nothing about. and some other items I don’t remember what they were, Oh Yeah a couple of hand held sharpeners I think they were Smith’s, and a few other things. He wanted $500.00. Oh Yeah also a Tomahawk Brand Survival Knife 9 1/2″ but it’s a U.S.A made one. I wasn’t sure what that one cost, and I told him that, so my counter offer was $400.00. Just recently did I find out what the Godfather cost when I researched a MicroTec OSS Cobra, which turned out to be a Chinese made one, but from a different guy. I like the Godfather alot bettrr, but I don’t like that there’s no safely on the blade, to me that’s a little bit too risky especially were it would be in my pants pocket, unless it has a safety that I’m not aware of. Please lemme know one way or another, and how you carry your GidFather, Thanx in advance.

XIUXIU1313 says:

LOL, it’s all good though. My actual 666 video was just about health foods. Wish I would have noticed I was hitting that number I would have done something special.

XIUXIU1313 says:


XIUXIU1313 says:

cool thanks!

yourplce92 says:

Just as personal experience, Protech knives do not hold up in the long run. Last one I had, that I spent 200.00 on, lasted under a year. Tip broke under normal usage and the spring that opens the knife broke. If you want a good auto opener go with an HK, been carrying using my HK for 7 flawless years now.

XIUXIU1313 says:

Same here. I get into them for a while, then I don’t like them for a while, then I get back into them LOL

SanFranciscoBay says:

6:00 While in your tuxedo and after pulling out your Godfather switchblade knife, next grab your violin case and pull out your Tommy Gun.

XIUXIU1313 says:

For practical use, I would go protech all the way. But if you want something just cool for the collection, with no intention of use, then the swinguard

KBar666 says:

you ever consider picking up one of the protech and emerson collaboration auto 7s?

pixelnickle says:

this thing only has one use, stabbing

purplemutantas says:

Spring assist knives strike me as being better than switchblades. The cheap ass spring assist I have wont open accidentally. I have to give the knife a pretty shake for it to pop open. So I am not worried it popping open in my pocket. With a switchblade I would be concerned about the button getting pressed in my pocket. Another advantage to spring assist knives is they are legal in more places. In CA where I live; switchblades are illegal, but spring assist knives are legal.

Ben Yates says:

God Damn that’s a sexy fuckin blade

rmoore911 says:

I never thought I’d care too much for autos, but recently I’ve been hating the state of Indiana for having a ban on them.

XIUXIU1313 says:

Yes! I was super close to picking one up a couple of times

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