Retro Balisong Butterfly And Switchblade Comb Knife Collection

Retro Balisong And Switchblade Comb Knife Collection


little Yung savage says:

its a little boring when you only have comb balisongs not real blade balisongs like i doo


This is a man whos serious about hair maintenance

robert jirgensen says:

I had the otf comb that looked like a super automatic. I played with it so much it broke. Wish I had one for my colllection.

Steven Ewald says:

I had a comb switchblade back in the 80:s I took a paring knife from my kitchen. Cut the blade off the handle and slipped it in the switchblade were the comb was…I thought I was so bad ass….lol. my mom on the other hand was super pissed when she couldn’t find the paring knife…lol. Thank you for sharing this video.

thenextarcher says:

The OTF comb really is on my list of “must buy”. I believe they made a nato military comb which is my target.

Tyler Snyder says:

Love these Combs, gotta get another one from the arcade or something.
They also make a mini mustache comb version , and one constructed like a real knife but I don’t remember if they are auto’s or assisted openers.
They’re Milano I believe so they just may be assisted openers.

I remember when I was in 5th grade a friend had one which he said you could only get in Japan and that his dad send it to him.
I knew that was a lie because I had literally seen them at the grocery store the day before.

Anyways he scared some girl with it and the teacher just laughed.
It just goes to show you that the ” zero tolerance policy ” is bullshit and that it’s up to the discretion of the teacher whether it gets to the principal or not.

mikedifeo says:

Awesome. As a kid, I used to look at them in the stores. Couldn’t afford them. They were really cool back in the 60’s. And they were fairly expensive for a regular blue collar family kid.

IronFangTeror DaPerson says:

Im 13 , so I never had one or seen one , so I guess you hav fond memories of the good old days . But yeah besides that you sound…. So depressing…. Lighten up a bit….cmon remember good times or something

Paul Secrest says:

when I was a kid I had one that had a really good bar that held the comb peace. took off the comb grinded the metal part to a point auto ice pick lasted a good wile.

Ernest Sheffield says:

That butterfly comb in the yellow box…I used to have one back in the 80’s and early 90’s. It got stolen. Man that brings me back. Hours of flipping that thing.

A Dank Lobster says:

Do you have a switch blade that has the knife pop straight up instead of out of the side? I really want one of those.

animal chin says:

can i find one actually made with switchblade quality no a peice of crap plastic

bringoutthelegos says:

My first novelty comb I got at a fair, and it broke after a week, the comb would just not go back in. Then I got an mtech twist balisong comb, which was a lot of fun to play around with. Then, a few years later I found another switch comb at a collection center for 18.50, this one was a much higher quality then the carnival one, the comb was full metal, the locking mechanism actually worked, and the handles are like a brown pearl. I still have all of those combs today.

Grummash says:

cool video… but I don’t have much use for combs any more

Oar uhi says:

I want the balisong comb

BJD Strike says:

where could i get one of these?

GunCollector007 says:

Oh man, as a kid I used to drool looking at those comb knives hanging on the wall at my local newsstand!

Adam Smythe says:

I cut my finger in one of those comb switch blades when I was a kid. Hated them ever since

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