Schrade Viper OTF Knives, Review and Lock Test

Showing four new Assisted OTF (Out The Front) knives by Schrade. These count as “assisted” rather than “auto.”



Seems go be some rough blades man (^_^) enjoy your day !!

traderjoes says:

Technically legal or not, if your frisked and a cop finds it, he will arrest you and let the judge and the lawyer deal with it. My luck would be that I would get arrested late at night after the judge goes home on a Friday and I’ll be in jail all weekend with the skells until Monday. 🙂 It’s a cool design and I would like one, but I would never carry it. It would just go in the collection bin.

Eddie King says:

My dagger version did fail. I could literally push the blade back in the handle by pinching the blade between my fingers. Took the knife apart and bent the stop bar so that it fell behind the blade. Works great now. They are a lot of fun and easy to tinker with. But they are “light” edc use knives IMHO.

S.A Masquerade says:

Perfect box opener… I can picture myself pulling the knife out and flicking it and opening the package….. but is prefer my gerber dime or my style cs.

Victor Oliveira says:

This is awesome, will this knife be coming to Canada, I hope so.

jdedge says:

These are pretty cool. Good to see a knife company thinking outside the box a little

Mitch Houge says:

I love how Iowas only knife law is no ballistic knives lmao

Isaac Chang says:

Legal in Jersey?

MotörHeavyRockHead says:

Gee they look big and bulky for a tiny blade. They don’t look well proportioned. They’re cool, but pretty ugly.

Ryan Vargas says:

Bought this because I live in an awful state Called CA. Very happy with the overall appearance and function not to mention the price too which was not too bad, about 50$ with shipping from BUD-K. Came well oiled I noticed.

Shadow Jack says:

as a lefty with extensive use of the double edge spear, it really gets in the way. would not use for a high adrenaline/emergency situation. js.

SurvivorEH28 says:

Man, these are cool. But unfortunately police in Michigan have stepped up enforcement on the whole 3 inch ordinance every city seems to suddenly have here. I showed a cop this and he said he’d “have my ass” for carrying one… awesome review though, man.

Steven The gamer says:


Josh Tanner says:

what’s the diffrence in auto matic and assited

MrToastyMuffin says:

I was auctaly thinking about getting 1 today good thing I live in texas

ChickenFeatherFlims says:

I have this knife and I love it

Ana Vargas says:

No way you don’t get trouble from the pigs with this.

Hugo Cinco says:

I owned a viper v3. Quicker, easier, safer, and more legal to carry a balisong. Balisongs are not autos, or gravity knives(illegal in michigan). BALISONG

Logan Etheridge says:

What gen is this

Glenn Miller says:

1he 2 double bladed ones are illeagal to carry in texas, but not to own

marty lopez says:

They look stabby?? Please keep the technical jargon to a mininum for us laymen …..

Joel Wellman says:

Is this legal in Canada?

Lamar says:

1:25 “lest *CUT* to the chase” lol

Geo Arellano says:

Legal in California?

Superseba cool says:

where can i get one

zrxbeast1100 says:

legal in texas ????

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

The great thing about this review is that you tested the lock what almost everyone won’t do especially with the expensive ones from Benchmade.

Anna Peterson says:

Where can they be purchased?

Bushfriend27 says:

Are those legal in Germany

Woodcamo Nut says:

Schrade/Taylor is really stepping their game up these days, I’m impressed with their lineup the last 2 years.

Donnie Eickmeyer says:

I have the spear point version i like it but when I used it at work I noticed the locking mechanism failed to hold up then again I used to cut open multiple bags of baking soda the stuff got inside the knife I cleaned it up and it now works good as new but it isn’t very utilitarian

Charlie Tully says:

Are these legal in Scotland

coresel says:

I think its only legal when the release mechanism is located on the blade. This looks a button, so not sure.

Commando says:

Jesus I think we know what an otf is if we’re here

B m says:

I had one of these on me and the cops gave it back, the model I have the release switch is on the edge of the handle.the right of the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed.

Feesh says:

Sadly, they’re still illegal in Illinois.

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