Smith and Wesson OTF Assisted-Opening Knife – Pros and Cons

The new Smith and Wesson SWOTF9B OTF knife is an assisted-opening knife for people who like the out the front knife concept but can’t have an out the front auto, for whatever reason. It has pros and cons but it is a cool knife and fun to use.

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Tom Sawyer Piper says:

I played with a few of these at a flea market today and I have to say, they are pretty nice otf’s for about $50. If it’s this or a Benchmade Infidel for 300 and it’s my money, I’d buy the S&W. That being said, I do enjoy quality knives and have a MicroTech Ultratech that I paid 180 for on its way to me.

Norbert Jasiak says:


malik A. Arnold-Walker says:

That looks so cool

Dan N says:

Another S&W? Let me guess why you’re doing commercials for them….. Yeah I’ve owned several and gave them all away. These are generally crappie knives made with inferior material.

Depraved Turtle says:

stuck in the old metric system? You do understand the there are 3 countries in the world that still use imperial…

augest west says:


Frank Webster says:

Cool knife.. You sure like throwing knives. …haha..have fun..

kevin ragsdale says:

Looks like a single action otf

MrJumbolegz says:

We need to get autos legal in all 50 states as well as double edged knives. I want an Infidel.

matrox says:

Reminds of the Switch Blades used in the West Side Story rumble.

Jani Sukanen says:

Great review Bryan 🙂 It is a cool knife. Practical or not. And definitely fun indeed. Haha and it seems well balanced too 😉 I would probably drive my wife crazy playing with it too.Tends to happen even with my folders sometimes. Sadly out the front concept is bit problematic in general with our legislation. And that would surely be considered as automatic I guess. Bummer. I wish you a great week Bryan 🙂 Big thumbs up as always!

pierce gwynne says:

I was hoping you can help me out with this question. I live in california were these are illegal. I called sportsmans warehouse and asked if I can order it from there website and have it shipped to their store were I can go pick it up. The guy didn’t really know he just said I can try. Would they send this knife to a California address from the internet?

Tom Abbott says:

Hey Bryan, thanks for your physical fitness tips. I had a hard time finding the video where I had asked this question.

Hunter Wong says:

Hey man great video. Would you recommend the Schrade Viper or the Smith and Wesson in this video?

Reese Eldredge says:

More need’s to be done for our 2nd amendment right’s. If that is a assisted opening knife then why is assisted closing knife make it a auto?

dwayne davis says:

Thankfully here in TN automatic knives are legal to own and carry.

Jarod Ames says:

Hehe, of course you survive on purpose.


< still stuck in the old metric system > LoL nice video

greg scheibe says:

i almost sat 10 years for a shrade otf. still in the package and labled assisted opening.

Humble Trekker says:

nice blade. shame handle looks like it’s made of lego

William Johns says:

I’m a 45 year martial arts veteran also served with the 101st. as an infantrymen I’m now the owner of ElDorado knife and tool co / Ken To ju tactical martial arts center I received some of these S&W OTF knives they will cut the cake ! , Great fighting knives for the money I would recommend them combat knives are my business I make knives with pepper gas in the handle probably the best weapon short of a firearm anyway I would personally carry one of these S&W OTF’s

jason hullihen says:

hey just wanted to let you no that smith and wesson is not smith and wesson anymore they were bought out…

Roy Fernbach says:

That is an “automatic” knife in most states… “assisted” is different that you push the blade to start the opening. I really hope you understand that I am a fan of “assisted” style knives and have done some bit of research because in my state “automatics” are strictly prohibited.

Thanks for the video tho.

Rutger MacDonald says:

He should have a lot more respect for the metric system. There is a reason why science has rejected the imperial system. The metric system is far more accurate and efficient.

DeepSix Outdoors says:

Rather a silly knife (like a lot of what you see these days), that spring slide mechanism will jam and fail just when you need it not to, murphy’s law. I enjoy the channel keep it up!

MrHousecup says:

I’d be worried about accidentally cutting your fingertip when you slide that blade release button. I’m sure you can avoid getting cut, but you have to be extra mindful.


The 2015 Schrade OTF is solid, but this Smith & Wesson OTF has a 3.6 inch blade, while the Schrade only has a 3.35 inch blade

Ethan Blake says:

Have you used this knife since you made this video? If so, how’s it holding up? Any mechanical failures? Thanks.

Walter O says:

Pretty cool OTF. A good option compared to the more expensive Microtechs. Thanks for sharing. Mabuhay!

TheOkWoodsman says:

(Formerly DenverLoveless) Would make a neat addition. Oh, and, I think you should have said with emphasis, that Norris’ wife leaves the seat up “for him”. LOL 😉

Dwight E Howell says:

To me it’s a switchblade but what do I know? You need to know what the local law enforcement says.

Joshua Patrick says:

Hate to sound condensing… But thats a S/A otf… You release the blade and it pops out but you have to pull it back manually. That is an auto, but its a single action

Chester Cain says:

Have you done or are you going to do a review on the Buck 632 from Walmart? Thank You

زياد الفاضل says:


Knife Nut says:

I’ll stick with my Microtechs. I prefer double action autos. This thing will still be considered an automatic by the prosecuting attorneys even though it’s not double action.

GaryChap says:

LOL@”Stuck in the old metric system” XD

wallace lee says:

what about left hand usage?

Sam Park51 says:

You are like a big kid in a good way

headtotows toes says:

Does Smith and Wesson have a single edge option on this knife or just double??

Logan Anderson says:

That or the schrade viper

God :-O says:


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