Switchblade greaser knife review (product deal)

Well maniacs are you in search of a low priced, kick ass switchblade knife? Well the madman is back with a awesome 1950’s greaser style knife for ya! Also go go give Rock N Roll Joker a follow! Links are in description below!

Rock N Roll Jokers channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCftCIh7NgJlFK7y330Bes6w

Knife link: http://amzn.to/2gJwKg3
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Teenage Hoodlum says:

In Canada, no switchblades and butterfly knives and switchblade combs but I don’t really need to carry one but it’s a crazy world where other people are

dmg12345678 says:

Cheap Chinese junk. Try this Italian made out the front stilletto. For only $44.00 shipped. https://www.bladeplay.com/item–AKC-F-16-Black-DA-OTF-Automatic–23852

Nick Guinn says:

Can you still be a greaser if your bald I’m 12 I just wanted to know I’m interested in the greaser style

m z productions says:

I’m trying to get one like they had in the outsidets

alleycat says:

thanks for your tip I will get a knife like this in my personal collection

Pearson Seals says:

To be honest, the 13 inch stiletto seems a bit overkill to me, Madman. I wouldn’t go out of your way to buy it.

Josh Watson says:

Legit have the same knife but its got a pearl handle

Cruces Greaser says:

Really dig the product reviews madman

Joel T says:

Review a butterfly knife

ZaYaHzOmBi3 ZZ3 says:

Really diggin the knives

Nicklaus Cherup says:

I have to read books for high school (doy) but I hate reading it really kills me, so what do I read? Any good greaser books or good books at all? Any suggestions Madman?

Jack Smith says:

BUY THE 13 INCH ONE!!!!!!!!

Doctor Blam says:

I have that exact knife
Be careful it rattles lose madman


First Madman

Great Master Frank says:

hey mad-man! what about those gaming greasers? like music, what kind of games should a greaser play in order to still being a greaser?

Mad Dog says:

Once when I was taking a trip through Alabama I stopped at a gas station and they had a giant selection of knives!

They had a cool butterfly knife and a classic Stiletto.
Unfortunately I did not have any extra money to spend because I needed to buy food and other stuff.

Moors Hound says:

hello what do you think of the coldsteel Ti-Lite switchblade style knives?

Nigtmaredemon says:

what your opinion on Swiss army knives? I mean they may not look very traditional but they are definitely handy. You also mention that your knives are mostly used for utility so what do you think of it?

B Biehle says:

I bought this same knife over the summer ..it is nice…kind of big for every day carry..I prefer a Case knives, Victorinox, or Wenger knives for every day carry.

Sharpie_ man says:

Hi, I was wondering how you keep people from touching and messing up your hair

Ozark Greaser says:

Awesome video madman! Also Thought I’d let you know Every few jump cuts in your videos It will skip and repeat itself for about half a second Just thought I’d let ya know Digging the new content cat Always look forward to new uploads 🙂

Zane Weaver says:

better do a review on that 13 inch blade boyo

Richard Guzman says:

Solid video Madman and thats a kick ass knife

The hero of Youtube says:

Hi Mad Man! Anthony (Pennsylvanian anal-boy) has allready been harassing Rock N Roll Jokers channel!!!!!!!!

Josh Block says:

Do you own any butterfly knives?

new jersey greaser says:

Im looking forward to see your 13 inch stiletto! 😀

alleycat says:

love your videos

Robert Gonzalez says:

You should do a video on how to properly use a knife.

K.G. Rumph says:

I wanna see the 13! This was good review. Unfortunately they’re not legal in my country.

Dan O'Dylanger says:

HeyCat! this is the one I sent you on Facebook last week. Told you it was badass.

Andrew Lewis says:

How come you don’t roll your sleeves?

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