Switchblade knife collection

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Part of my current switchblade/automatic knife collection:
Leverletto by Bill Deshivs
Godfather stiletto
Taurus switchblade
Eagle switchblade
Duck California legal
Boker AK74 automatic knife
Piranha blue switchblade
ProTech tr3 auto knife
Protech Rockeye
Lightning out the front OTF
Microtech Makora 2

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Dubglock23 says:

awesome blades!!!! i give a left leg for one of those protech

BATJAC J.W says:

Nice I always liked those.

GlockGuy226 says:

Nice collection!

Birute00 says:

Wow I like that Eagle, so unique. Very nice collection. The ProTech collection is nice! I remember watching the video on that last one, Makora.

skoggit says:

My favorites are the Taurus and Piranna.  All the knifes are beautiful!  Take Care my friend!  Enjoyed the video!

TheOl1911 says:

Great look over! I really like that Pro-Tech and damn that micro tech is awesome! Scary looking, haha. This vid reminds me to to a video about carrying a knife at the mall and having a cop lecture me. I carry an Emerson so…its not very viewer friendly I guess. The cop was like, “What the hell are you gonna do with this thing?” Open boxes and pry things and he said “BS!” hahaha. I’ll try to do a video about that. Great vid my friend. Its too bad we can’t carry auto knives here.

Shiny Knife says:

Nice I like them.. Are they legal there? Pretty funny I can carry a AR 15 down the street here but can’t have a auto knife.. It’s a felony that’s crazy right?

BillGoudy says:

Outstanding…  I sure like the automatic knives…  You have some nice ones there for sure!!!  😉

Nigel Koger says:

I like your collectie

Dennis Cote says:

Come to NH and you can carry all of them!

ParasidicGeneration says:

very nice brother

The Silent Patriot says:

Love your knife collection videos

Joey Cuz says:

Very nice collection. I’m like the look on the piranha


otf or automatic are not legal here but damn some nice ones there (^_^)

Dirt and Rust says:

Cool Collection :] ..that Eagle Knife has a nice look…TFS!

unclecow says:

awesome selection

tristan barnett says:

Are any of them up for trade

Joes World says:

I had a couple switchblades, a butterfly knife and an OTF knife when I was just out of high school. My car got searched by the cops one night. They were not happy when they found the knives. I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to carry them. Since then I haven’t touched one. lol Nice collection.

Spirit Blade says:

I like that Microtech otf. Very wicked looking blade.

JW's BulletsNBlades says:

nice collection

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