Taiwan Lightning OTF Automatic Switchblade Pocket Knife Review. Also combat training.

Are you looking for an advanced knife to add to your cheap knife collection? Do you want to be the ultimate advanced knife bro? Do you need a dagger switchblade like you need another hole in your head? Then watch this knife review which features an Out the Front (OTF) switchblade that costs under $40. This knife is Known as a Taiwan Lightning or Lightning OTF all over on the internet. It comes in quite a few handle colors and blade style variations. Here is a place that sells a lot of the models of the Lightning switchblade.




ComUnSas says:

In the words of the second most entertaining knife reviewer on YouTube, Nick Shabazz, that piece definitely qualifies as a high-speed low-drag tactical combat system. Have you considered batoning with it, lots?

Dezi Johnson says:

I think you should do a butterfly knife review

Remember The Slap Films says:

My girlfriend says you remind her of me.

Player Review says:

Seeing that mad pile of cash with an OTF on the top of it conjured images of Scarface/Tony Montana. You and a Taiwanese Lightning against the world.

Christopher H says:

Watching this was the highlight of my day!

ŹÈÚŠ says:

the paint chips and they get noisy after you carry them a few months, but they are always fun. I have a few of them. good value imho!

Eddie King says:

Billy Bob’s school of ninjitsu. Seriously though, these things are addictive. Just bought the plain edge with desert tan handle. No femoral arteries were harmed during the making of this video 🙂

Michael Turner says:

Good stuff… Great Channel….

WobbleKnife says:

Great review. Bleep the f bombs.

kevin ragsdale says:

the scales aren’t aluminum, and they aren’t powder coated.

Ruster Kat says:

Dude – opening scenes of Apocalypse Now. Martin Sheen called and he wants his DNA back. Punch the mirror – DO IT!

Autoknife guy says:

They are not 440C. some other crap steel. for the $ though..not a bad knife. mine are holding up fairly well to some hard usage here and there.

Loris Buschor says:

Awesome review!

Texas Leprechaun says:

Rocking the PBR!

A. Todd Moore says:

Love that sweet clicky sound!

Jacob Horton says:

If you stab like a piece of wood, will the blade go back into the knife? Is it strong enough to stab?

lowwkey91 says:

PBR. What’s next a Ukulele?

Shawn Mullins says:

Good stuff bro. Very funny

MrZlooze says:

This is a chilling look into the unclear world of Sartre-esque bladesmithing. This gravitates toward the “nothingness” end of the spectrum… where clarity is a lie and life itself is generally pointless.

jojojaykay says:

What’s the consensus for where 440c stands in relation to 8cr13mov

Sugar Sheffield says:

I have this knife, it totally works and is fun pull out on children…but its ugly as actual shit. Anyone who touches it thinks I earned it with tickets at Dave & Busters.

Lefty Hook says:

That combat training was second to NONE… Are you sure you’re not a Navy SEAL Knife Bro? That video made me laugh more than usual, really liked the gratuitous use of the F word and that 360 knife deployment move…good one man!

Carter Do says:

Can you fight unicorn with this knife ?

jacob manalang says:

pbr, lightning otf, enough money for a fifth, joint in the pocket YUP LOL. the black one i had didnt wear too bad. actually showed less wear than my microtech ultratech but maybe thats because my lightning was black and my microtech is blue?

are you in a gang? a small one….LOL!

did you have to tighten the screws up on yours? mine would ftf sometimes so i took it apart, then put it back together and it didnt ftf or fail to close. gave it to a buddy who bought me a bottle for my bday. good trade off

Chad Lampe says:

This is the BEST knife review I have ever watched. Bravo, Sir. Bravo.

FloorGuys01 says:

does ur mother know ur playing with knives in her basement ?… and shes gonna REALLY be PISSED when she finds out it some garbage , cheap , cloned , sorry excuse for a MICROTECH SCARAB ..

Bruce McIntyre says:

Your Kung Fu is strong.
In your studied opinion, will the inclusion of this vicious carnivore knife in my EDC increase my chances with low self-esteem middle-aged women who tend to be my prey? In other words, if I bust out one of those bad boyz to spear the olive out of my date’s martini, will her panties end up wadded on my unkempt bedroom floor?

Brett w says:

can you make a full length action movie?

Greasball Mcnall says:

Cool video dude

Dan Bartolucci says:

Also, shouldn’t you be singing and snapping your fingers down an alley somewhere?

Dan Bartolucci says:

whats the IG account homie?

Blue Kogi says:

are you regular car reviews???

Dezi Johnson says:

come on Bro stab that door! I know you want to. that knife remind me of the cheap ass switch blade I bought for $8 from an ad at the back of a Mercenary magazine circa 1989. thanks for the review

Walther Chen says:

Is this knife actually made in Taiwan?

Khyber Safi says:

3:12 Damn!!! Look at those moves. Those boys from The West Side Story better watch out. You’ll cut a bitch.

John Tedichwon says:

Haha you need a patreon man. Great review pew pew clacks in front of a mirror. Priceless.

NinjaDeathtrap says:

haha! love your ninja moves dude! solid footwork! =)

Keron Kai says:

try stab yourself with it by fake accident, its probably funnier and will brings joy to your viewers

RedDiamondCrew says:

Isn’t this called an angel blade if it moves out the front?

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