The Benchmade Phaeton OTF Automatic Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to (snick) talk a bit (snick) about a very interesting (snick) knife from Benchmade (snick), the Phaeton (snick) out-the-front (snick) automatic (snick) knife.


Tweekergoldfish says:

Otf seem great if you have to wear gloves

Нил Иванов says:

Oi oi oi oi oi

adrox88 says:

“You’re allowed to sharpen it at home. Duh” lol… that’s the very reason I sent my first and only microtech back the day after I got it.

dealhpig2 says:

If I ever bought one it would sit in a display case. I would like to keep my arteries intact.

Aspra says:

Oh god.. You program? For how long? How have you not killed yourself with one of your knives yet…?

Jared Lane says:

Bans/restrictions on automatic knives makes no sense if fixed blades are perfectly legal. Most of our nations politicians are moroons…..

JasonMcFly says:

Hmm, a Benchmade Ultratech. I adore Benchmade balisongs. Autos not so much. Great review Nick!

cloudcleaver23 says:

I think I say this every time you mention an auto: Hawk/ZT Deadlock collaboration would make my day, and I can’t even legally carry it.

Tom Hurley says:

I had an opportunity to handle this in the store. Coincidentally, I had my Microtech Ultratech with me, so I was able to really compare the two. I came away still confident in my Ultratech. I will say, the price tag on this one is unfair. The Ultratech is/was 40 bucks cheaper and just felt better built. Of course, if I absolutely had to carry and use the Phaeton, I’m confident it would hold up. Not a bad knife, but there are cheaper and better built options out there

RED S7VN says:

A Microtech killer. $259 on GovX.

dieseldargon says:

Alright well I’ve ordered one so let’s see if it lives up to my unrealistic expectations

frenstcht says:

HOLY CRAP! Legal in Michigan now? I soooooo need one of those for work. I do woodworking in a mill shop and often have a need for a cutting tool while having one hand full. I nearly gave myself a cut today that would probably have required stitches. Shame about the price tag. If I could afford it, I’d never use it, because I have to dig staples out of oak and hickory and so on, and I couldn’t do that with something so pricey.

BirdShot IV says:

Chris, you are awesome!

Tanner Sulaiman says:

spyderco delica is so ugly knife

Dr. Marlowski says:

Hi, my name is Marlowski and I’m addicted to flipping knives open non-stop.

It all started with me secretly playing around with my childhood old-timer folding knife many years ago, but after a while it just didn’t do it anymore. I transitioned into 1-handed thumb stud opening, wrist flicking and even flippers. This felt soooo goood for a while, but I knew it wasn’t enough. There had to be something more. That’s how I got into the heavier stuff like balisongs and assisted open knives. At one point my wife even caught me looking at pictures of OTFS, gravity knives and ballistic knives and nearly found my secret 100+GB folder with tons of photos and flipping footage.

My knife collection had already grown to an unhealthy size at this point, and hiding the addiction had become increasingly hard. My fingers started getting full of nicks/cuts and my fingertips/knuckles had bruises and callouses from all the flipping. I started wearing gloves and long sleeves to cover up the scars and bald spots.

At this point I could no longer enjoy regular sex with my wife. In order to orgasm I had to fantasize about god-tier blade steels and smooth bearings. While orgasming I once accidentally shouted Chris Reeve’s name instead of my wife’s name.

Working had also become a pain because I just couldn’t focus anymore. I just looked forward to the breaks where people usually went for coffee or a smoke. I however just locked myself in the bathroom and secretly flicked my Grimsmo Norseman for 15 minutes straight. On a successful break I managed to open and close my knife around 600 times, which made my cold-sweating and shaking stop for a while.

I had to quit my job when they implemented a “no knives at work, (especially not in the bathrooms, Marlowski)” policy. Or well… I didn’t exactly quit my job, rather I was fired. This was absolutely devastating, since I no longer could afford to buy new knives.

I’m currently at rock bottom, and I saw no other option than to come to this meeting here today…

akui88 says:

Does your phaeton sound like a spray can when u shake it?
I think mine might have a problem.

Michael Riley says:

Is that pheaton foor sale?

Steve Brule says:

overpriced, should be 220

Alexandre Aubrey says:

10:30 I agree it’s probably the easiest to use for people with limited dexterity but from a safety perspective if they can’t actuate a frame lock safely they probably shouldn’t be handling knives at all… just my opinion.

OTFs are perfect to use with thick gloves too, when you just can’t stick your fingers into a locking mechanism (liner or frame lock) or smoothly use a thumbstud. It’s the main reason I’d want one; being in Canada I wear gloves quite often, unfortunately OTFs aren’t legal here.

RED S7VN says:

OTFs will always have blade play due to the mechanics of it.

plejaren giants says:

These otf knives are really gentleman’s knives. Almost executive like. Becuase you want to be easy on these and keep the blade clean before you retract it always. And you must keep anything instructions from getting inside the mechanics of this knife. Good upload!

VNCT 1975 says:

good review

Omega Blk5 says:

Finally an automatic!

High Desert Piper says:

Benchmade charging more for less like always

oak 1971 says:

Don’t forget the Halo series. Rock solid lock up. Might be other things to hate on, like that blasted button safety, but the blade lock up is skookum.

WILSON says:

As safe as it is… I’d find a way to deploy it in pocket daily.

Mike E says:

Why would I buy this for $300.00, and I can get a Microtech UTX-85 for a hundred dollars less? The blade play is not an issue for me, because it is the nature of otf’s mechanical components of the knife.

jaybwe2 says:

Personally, I enjoy automatic otfs, especially double actions. Its a feeling of power in the hands and they just really in my opinion look and sound cool. I prefer them more for the flair and flavor rather than the usefulness or utility and me being desk jockey, I don’t really need utility, so yeah, I pretty much just like em for the cool factor.

BirdShot IV says:

Excellent review Nick, enjoyed. -bird

Logan Blomquist says:

Phaeton not feytin, lol

chuck middleton says:

Awesome knife, I got a black one

rmg1035 says:

I will never go back to a regular knife again, I love my Benchmade OTF Knives. I have the infidel and the precipice. There expensive but worth every penny.

f22shift says:

To be honest the otf is a bit of a novelty nowadays. An axis lock I have found is just as fast to go out and in without the blade wobble. Even a decent flipper has a faster deployment because there is a lag with an otf when you are charging the spring. But it’s fun and that alone may be enough for a purchase.
For non knife people the otf is the most attractive I’ve found. Usually I pocket dump my knife when at a house party and the otf always get picked up. People want to try it.
Oh and I’ve found that an otf is the safest knife around a young kid. They don’t have the hand strength to deploy it. Worst uncle on the planet lol.

Nate Ramanowski says:

when did autos become legal in michigan I live in michigan

Surago says:

Guys. You know this is literally a copy of their discontinued HK knife right? Lol just love how he says you can tell they spent a lot of time on designing it. It was already designed

f22shift says:

Impressive. For someone who doesn’t own a otf you got strong thumbs

rockets4kids says:

Just so you know, it is a federal offense to mail automatic knives across state lines.

The4cp says:

The accessibility is why I want one. The price is why I don’t have one.

The panda at the Zoo says:

I love the revesable pocket clip

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