The knife that cut the madman: 13 inch stiletto switchblade review (product deal)

Alright settle down for those who were at the 3000 subs live stream you all know what happened to my finger! This is the promised product deal video for the 13 inch stiletto knife. Also don’t forget to support the channel by getting awesome greaser/rockabilly apparel from the links below.

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Crush Shock. says:

Greaser shit, ehh it happens haha, same thing happens to me split my thumb open if it went deeper i would of needed stitches. Always a blast tuning in Kat-Crush

alley cat says:

sorry about your finger.

grit master says:

I would enjoy if you did a video on greaser tatoos

Victor Criss says:

Hey madman

RamVan Bobby says:

hey mad man your a cool kat man

RamVan Bobby says:

I got a few what r u looking for I got hookups on ride projects running or not

RamVan Bobby says:

right now iam working on my 58 Edsel its all rockabilly down

Andrew Correia says:

Ay madman what do you think of cats with man buns

Moors Hound says:

What do you think of the Cold Steel Ti-Lite? hope you heal up fast man!

Andrew Lewis says:

Can you do a vid on the rest of your knife collection

Cottonmouth Customs says:

I don’t wanna be a dick but that’s not a switchblade a switchblade opens with a button and those are illegal to carry in Louisiana however are legal to own and I do have one

Gaelicnationalist1917 says:

I sliced up my thumb a while ago, i have 3 marks going down

AndrewC says:

Hi Madman!

Jose Gonzalez says:

I stabbed my finger and nail once and the only thing on my mind was while I was bleeding everywhere was. What are my parents gonna say?! Madman your the toughest and baddass man I know? Keep it cool cat.

Steve lange says:

Weared u get that hat madman

Dan O'Dylanger says:

I’d be wearing leather gloves this time around lol


That’s fucking crazy man
I cut my finger with my stiletto knife as well
luckily I didn’t cut any major artery and my blood coagulates pretty quickly so that helped I have a scar and I was carving my guitar with the knife

Manoodle says:

That’s insane madman, Any other youtuber would take a month break if it happened to them. You however, You upload a video within a few days with a non-functioning finger!

Richard Guzman says:

Hey madman heres a question I didn’t have time to ask you in the livestream did you play any sports and did greasers back then play sports (i wanna try out for baseball)

Chris Scott says:

Love the tutorials and art. I was wondering if you have used any of the pomades on the Murray’s web site. I use the original Murray’s superior hair

Ozark Greaser says:

That’s crazy madman Dig the video as always Hope it heals up well your comedy always makes my day! Haha and that cap is super hep

Jes Ram says:

Greetings from the IE 🙂 love the videos, many memories

Phil Barajas says:

Dont light your finger on fire lighting a cigerette cat. Lol.

RamVan Bobby says:

iam into the greaser thing to do you have a old ride

Emilio Pimentel says:

You are the truth madman a great review with a busted finger insane cool lol

Josh Watson says:

This might sound nuts to some of you guys but in the state I’m from Arkansas you can walk around with that knife and the police can’t say anything so long as you don’t have the intent of stabbing somebody. You can carry any knife you want in this state as long as you don’t plan to stab anyone

Zane Weaver says:

Hey cat, could ya find some deals on good leather jackets, I’m in the market and I wanna make sure I get my money worth when I buy one

Hunter Kellogg says:

Hi im 13 and im just geting into being a greaser so can you have your slicked back and a little curve on the very tope and to the side?

lord_ gamer112 says:


Doctor Blam says:

Yo madman the 9 inch steletto has a spring in it

Fire Peguin Disco Panda says:

That’s rad as shit!

Johns1998 jesse says:

Could you do a video on a flattop with fenders also known as a flattop Boogie just curious on your opinion on it and do you think it’s a greaser hairstyle. Also hope your your finger gets better.

Jayden Hessler says:

Same shit happened to my cuz sucks bro

Eagle Warrior says:

Is it okay to wear brown Chippewa harness boots with black jeans and black leather jacket? I really like the boots look in rough out leather.

alley cat says:

nice hat madman i have one just like that.

Reverend Greasehound says:

I bet it fucking hurt. Glad you are okay and just got a neat scar!

Harry Dummer says:

Hey Madman, was wandering if you could do a video on what greaser hairstyles you would recommend for cats who have receding hairlines, as this is a common insecurity amongst most men, thanks man keep up the awesome content!

GreaserElvis08 says:

Cat, is that scar permanent?:( I hope not

Mad Dog says:

I heard that carrying any type of knife/ concealed defense is illegal in Canada…

Except the liberals there want to legalize dueling??

Reign Deku says:

Lol you remind me of my younger self whom like an idiot a few years ago put a big ass hole in his hand with a knife well i got stabbed i didn’t react much if any i was kinda surprised and still went to school with my hand all stitched lol

Ponyboy Curtis says:

dig that hat, cat.

Greaseball Mcnall says:

Damn madman that’s gonna look badass when it heals! I’ve gotta pick up the 9 inch stilleto sometime it looks nice!

Rebel playz says:

I have 3in long hair any ideas for styling?

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