The Lightning OTF Automatic Knife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

The Lighting OTF is a ridiculous, low quality knife, which is still kind of fun. Not a gem, but good for a grin or two.


Marcus Blake says:

Down plays how amazing this knife really is for the price.

TheMawsJawz TM says:

Ahh Nick. You’ve grown so much in such a short time.
Your channel I mean, not you physically.
Classic Nick vids are certainly gems.

TheDesertEmerald123 TDE123 says:

it’s not the commpny fault the one you bought that it’s nad

Alexander Aronson says:

“…a conversation starter…if you’ve got very strange friends.” That’s a good description of pretty much every knife, lol

Chris Hutchins says:

you probably just got a lemon

Daniel Wood says:

What, you’d dare to disagree with the knife god that is Nutnfancy?!

I lol’d at the “conversation-starter” part. Which I imagine would be some variant of “yeah, I’m calling the cops.”

AD Van says:

I agree but it is a fun knife to play with. The wife really gets annoyed with the constant opening and closing when we’re watching TV.

MOONMAN Coonkiller says:

You seem like the guy to rob me in a alleyway with a stiletto

Nathan Thurman says:

Didn’t know you did an OTF review. Are the laws still the same up where you live that you can’t leave house with it?

Elias Cervantez says:

I’ll give you $20 for it

Patricia Mathis says:

I have one I’ve used it on a lot of jobs nothing big but it has held up good it has never miss fired but I know that it could you do have to sharpen the blade quite often but when I buy a knife I buy it with the intention of using it not to get on here and talk about how bad I thought it would be but everyone has there right to the opinion so I put mine on here and yes they are fun to play with.

Obey Physics says:

What do you think of microtech troodon combat tactical. I am thinking of getting one and it will be 480. Are they worth it. I trust your opinion good sir.

Donnie Gray says:

I will give you 20 for it just to see if I would even like an otf knife

DavidMN says:

Please review the Schrade Viper 4th Gen OTF Spring Assisted Knife. Honestly, I love your review style and I’d LOVE to see you review it.

Nanchi Knives says:

I love the lightning best otf for the price metal is on the soft side will you get a high quality otf later on?

I defiantly won’t be getting anymore the edc on it was ok and performs nice if you keep it sharp enough like any ok knife but once the novelty wears out its just a box opener for home

Paul X says:

I edc mine along with others simultaneously. It cuts cardboard incredibly well. It’s my beater I’ll do things with it that I wouldn’t dare do with my brous blades or others. It gets hair popping sharp but is on the soft side so will dull faster than higher end products. If it doesn’t deploy retract it needs oiled via the two holes where a glass breaker would be on some knives what I’ll call the base.

But the action is very positive and hits fairly hard.

Like I said good beater knife for tasks you wouldn’t touch with your $100 ish or more knives.

jacob manalang says:

ive had 2 of these and they are entertaining. i would get a lot of fails to fire on opening and closing, but i took it apart, and tightened everything back up and it seemed to be a lot better. friend wanted one and he got me a nice bottle of hennessy privilege for my birthday so i gave it to him. other one went to another friend who got me a woodsman’s pal for my birthday. i enjoyed the size and cool factor of an otf auto so i got myself a microtech ultratech.

Chris Hutchins says:

a lot of people swear by these

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