This is one of the best OTF switchblade I have

This is an awesome switchblade. here is the website where I got it: Also check my other videos. When this video reaches 1k likes, I’ll make this kind of knife using cardboard or popsicle sticks.

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starwarskid111js says:

Hells to the yes please please please!!!

Hakuna Matata says:

Make a giveaway

Gabrielle Alas says:

POPSICLE OTF SWITCHBLADE make it spring assisted HAHAHA (edit) make a custom

Ricardo Rodriguez says:

I have this same knife but without the Damascus blade

Michael Jones says:

Hey make a working otf knife

tete gaming says:

make it from popsicle sticks and metal blade

ANDY Craft says:

Hey dude make a tutorial i will really i mean really love it!!

Epicdude 123 says:

Make one

FlyinAce15 says:

Make this new knife out of popsicle sticks

kevin ragsdale says:

That’s an overpriced Chinese clone

tete gaming says:

yes one with wood body and metal blade

Диёр says:

Go cardboard

Lyle Yates says:

That knife is a CCC (Cheap Chinese Crap). Sorry, just being homest. I’ve been around the block with OTF-DA knives and I can spot wobbly bladed novelty knife when I see it. The price even speaks for itself.

Sơn Nguyễn says:


Dave Dill says:

I don’t think I’ll be able to buy from this company because they accept Bitcoins and all my credit cards got declined when I tried to buy them using my Mastercard or VISA that’s probably why my banks are declining my transaction because this company accepts Bitcoins

FaZe Kenzie says:

At 1.48 tutorial? lol

Shiby Raju says:

please sir show us how to make it

Oyuncu Nemo says:

İts superr!! İ loved this knife;D

amirul idk says:

do it using popsicle so it will be STURDY like this if you want popsicle

Sơn Nguyễn says:

Ok baybe

Ronald Matos says:


spookerr says:

The generic version of this has an extremely weak single spring. Spring will break after approx 100 cycles. Internal spring is way too small.

Theshadowfire Wolf says:

you should make a replica of it pls!

JayDesigns says:

where do I buy karambits? can you help me?

John Blaze says:

I really would love to make this out of popsicle sticks, I will be waiting!

John Smith says:

You should make a replica, but a giveaway would be cool too

Lava Dipper says:

I think its damscus steel not laser etched..XD

Beli TV Bekas jakarta says:



pls do a diy tutorial

Yatzugo Torikei says:

Such an awesome knife!! Would love to see a DIY or tutorial on how to make an OTF knife~ ☆

ronan yeong says:

make it out of popsicle sticks! ive been trying to make n otf blade but failed several times

Its Me LuckyGamer332 says:

1k like make it out of popsicle stick pls

Kam Vlogs says:

Yes please that would be awesome if you would make a Popsicle version of this knife

Dave Dill says:


Thimo leeuwis says:

Yes please go make this one with popsicle sticks!

Michael Jones says:

Hey I forgot to tell you I liked and I subscribed


Hey um can you speak filipino for a whole video?

Tigrerra2015 says:

I think I would make the handle part wood but then get some metal to make the blade:)

Ranjan Jha says:

Nice in how much prize you bought it awesome cool it sutis you I appreciate this

Sơn Nguyễn says:

You do it

Vandna Srivastava says:

yeah make a replica

Luis Sabado says:

Can you please do a DIY lightsaber

안드레아 says:

Real knifes?

BossM4n_pt says:

Guys smash that like button I would like to see the DIY tut

Its Me LuckyGamer332 says:

Me to it reminds the assasins screed knife

UnSpokenxx Gamer says:

You should make kirto sword at full scale please

Диёр says:

Go cardboard

DeathRager MLBB says:

Hey Brian can you make a OTF knife from popsicle sticks? #please

Vince Casilagan says:

that so coool dude # inggit XD

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