Titan OTF Automatic Knife

Check out the Titan here: http://www.bladeplay.com/?search=Titan+OTF

The new Titan OTF knife represents a great balance of functionality, usability and value. The Titan has a tan coated metal handle with grip inserts ensuring you can hold on to this knife. The double edge dagger style blade is black coated stainless steel. The firing button is mounted on the side making the Titan slim and easy to carry. The pocket clip is mounted on the back. The Titan includes a glass breaker (which can also be used as a defense tool). This is our second batch of Titans- these knives feature an improved internal mechanism for more consistent firing.
Overall: 8.6″
Blade: 3.4″
Weight: 5 oz.


Caleb Kizer says:

around $40.00 depending where you buy them

Dylan Knobloch says:

Do you ship to kentucky

BladePlayKnives says:

@AirsoftCentralTV Awesome! You’ll love it. This knife is a lot of fun.

The Screened Titan says:

Does the blade wiggle when its out?

penguin99ify says:

How do you lock the thumb switch so the blade doesn’t accidentally deploy in your pocket, backpack, etc?

Caleb Kizer says:

i want to buy this knife but I’m not shure, people have told me that the blade is very wobbly, also will the knife get ruined if if gets water on the inside?

Fenrir TheDarkWolf says:

Which should I buy for edc Lightning, titan, delta force, or spend $200 for an HK Turmoil?

halolord says:

Does it have a locking mechanism where you dont accidently stab yourself when the blade retracts accidently??

Josh Bruce says:

what type of steel is the blade, just got this knife everything I wanted and more

Andoh Bestow says:

I ordered mine yesterday and it accepted and now I went to check ‘Order Status’ and now it says, “If you don’t see your order here and you ordered online, there is a problem with your order and you need to contact us.” Which I did, but didn’t get a hold of anyone. I then checked my credit card and it accepted the money, but on my order History next to the ‘Titan OTF Automatic Knife’, and Blade Play and their Skype # along w/ the minus price from my account, it says ‘Pending’?

kevin says:


Ravi Sosa says:

Getting the black one with black blade

Nick Nemeth says:

Can u ship those to Ohio ? And how long would it take?

Eliot Doll says:

will it come out in my pocket?

Trill Jackson says:

That groove is there so whatever you stab can bleed out even if the blade inside

BladePlayKnives says:

That’s the nature of the beast when it comes to OTFs they are more prone to “wobble” than side openers.

honorher says:

so whats the difference between this and the rumble can you do a comparison vid? is the trigger as stiff on the titan?

Lex Smith says:

although the name would suggest otherwise the blood groove down the blade is there to remove some of the metal lightening the knife without compromising integrity. don’t know why though, these knives especially the double action are heavy fuck.

The FrightShow says:

I like the red one

Tommy gun pyro says:

Would it be legal to ship this product to ca?

Oliv3 * says:

lol microtech has the same texture on the handle you “fucktard”

76verdee says:

How much r they

Taktik Beast says:

Im living in germany can i buy one of that?

BladePlayKnives says:

We could try to get something like that together. Maybe do an OTF shoot out. The triggers on these aren’t as stiff as most others.

Caffeinated Frostbite says:

lightning or titan?

Bluewidowr1 says:

I have had my Titan for over three years and carried it every day. It took a while to get used to the size but now I love it. The paint has worn off on the tip from my keys but the action is still as good as the day I bought it. I would not hesitate to buy again and Blade Plays price was just right.

Zach Koehler says:

dose it open at all in your pocket ? with that slide trigger

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