Top 10 Coolest Automatic Knives | Best Spring Assisted Knife |

Top 10 Coolest Automatic Knives | Best Spring Assisted Knife |

***Best Knives Review:

Best Automatic Knives List:
1. Schrade SCHOTF8BS Viper 10:51
Amazon link:

2. Gerber Propel Downrange Auto 09:50
Amazon link:

3. Buck 898 Impact 09:10
Amazon link:

4. SOG Trident Elite 07:57
Amazon link:

5. CRKT Hissatsu Folder Tactical Knife 06:16
Amazon link:

6. Gerber Covert Auto 05:32
Amazon link:

7. Buck 110 Auto 04:14
Amazon link:

8. SOG Strat Ops 02:53
Amazon link:

9. Hogue Automatic Knives 01:13
Amazon link:

10. Kershaw 7300BLK 00:15
Amazon link:

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Steven Garrison says:

Several of these knives have a Tanto designed blade. This is pronounced TAN-Toe… not Tonto, like the Lone Ranger’s trusty Indian sidekick. Morons!

Kevin Sandells says:

You have to be police or active military to purchase. Or do you. Anyone know

Caleb Clark says:

Schrade number 1. Lmao !!!

No, Boker, Pirana, Benchmade, Spyderco ? Please

1desertsunrise says:

Benchmade makes the best automatic knives but no mention of them. Bad show. I trust by life to a Benchmade AFO. Its strong and totally dependable. The only good knife in your selection is the new Buck auto.

Kari Kuosa says:

Original Böker has topped up those for decades – oh, sorry it’s not made in US…

babouille444 says:

Except 2 or 3 there are not good knives

rowdy rowdyfisk says:

I think my Ravencrest is much better value for money then some of your selections

ian burton says:

The only “good” well made auto in this video is the buck. The others, especially the gerbers(weak springs, you can actually see it in the video)and the schrade are more bottom 10 then top. Top 10 knives that cost around $100 but remember… get what you pay for in most all cases when i comes to knives

Chhen Kunreach says:

Or thank you too did you do a giveawy

robin thomas says:

Back flee stadium discipline cheese sign historic white birth deer bet.

livefire81 says:

Where’s the Benchmade Infidel??!! Wtf?

metaempiricist says:

Shows a microtech combat troodon in the thumbnail…isn’t in the vid. Spring assisted clickbait. Thumbed down.

Chhen Kunreach says:

First orrr so lucky

john rawr says:

Really. Not a single Microtech? You even had a combat troodon as the thumbnail. The Halo V is hands down the coolest auto ever made. I dont think gerber and those SOGs really compete. What about the Protech magic/whiskers? These are a lot of lower end autos on this list, besides the Buck 110.

EDIT: You didn’t even mention the Boker Kalashnikov…one of the best budget autos out there…smh

Einar Odinsson says:

What about the Microtech that was in the thumbnail? Instead you showed a bunch of shit! That Troodon would kick the shit out of anything you showed in this video.

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