Traditional Switchblade: Hubertus Lever Lock Automatic Knife (“Springer”)

The Hubertus lever lock automatic knife (aka “Springer”) goes back to a patent from 1897.


Mark Holm says:

my hubertus needs a replacement back spring it has an ordinary back spring like any slip joint that slows down the blade and keeps it from bouncing back closed well mine is broken it cracked in two I cannot find parts here in the U.S.A if anyone reading this does please let me know

JW's BulletsNBlades says:


Assimonem says:

Thanks Stephan…
Some months back i was doing reserach on which would be a good auto-Knife for me.After your extensive film i was very impressed with a good all round explanation and attributes.Coincidentally i had found a site which offered the hubertus. and also other knives-I had bought a japanese one already–five miniutes later literally i found this blog/film.
I was thinking damm because the japanese kniife was junk.on a positive when i saw your blog i thought this is the knife for me,so i bought it and i am very happy,i use it all the time,and as i work alone an auto is very very handy.I dont see what all the fuss is about criminality.I mean a kitchen knife is a fixed open blade which is legal in my country,yet an auto is illeagal(Anyway that is another debate)
I am very pleased i saw your rundown and when i purchased my hubertus it was as you said..your hands may as well have came out of the screen and let me hold it!!

Lyndon Baltazar says:


JP Stone says:

No sausages?Ahhhh!!!!!

Alex Lafourcade says:

In punched my screen because of your avatar ! Sorry for my bad english, i’m french by the way… I’m kidding about the punching, i just laugh 🙂

vlaendr says:

My pleasure! I forgot to mention their website which has an English and German version too – mikov(dot)cz

Btw the now popular and expensive Microtech Cobras are more than inspired by Mikov Predator Lever Locks ;). But that´s already another story which doesn´t belong here.

Dallas Wyerman says:

that’s disgusting miss use of that knife those knives are collectables

John Smith says:

I have one ,bought it yeas ago now I can’t find them.I would like to obtain a camper.

Stefan Schmalhaus says:

What’s wrong with my avatar?

uniblob says:

Thanks, I enjoy your videos.

cooper jackson says:

Excellent video. No waste right to the meat. Thank you.

Joe Shook says:

Would like to buy one

ThunderWolf39 says:

Love these knives id like to have one

LastActionJoe says:

Where can I get this in the us?

Hunter Green says:

Awesome Stephan. Could u tell me who invented the lever lock ? I was wondering and needed more info on it for a video on my lever lock by Microtech I plan to do.

Guus de Jong says:

I ordered a waterbuffalo handeled one with a 3″ C75 carbon clip point blade. Can’t wait!!

The Owl Guy says:

I just managed to purchase three of these beautifully crafted knives. One is the highly coveted shell puller. It is still illegal to import them here in America, but someone can mail one back as a gift from Germany and I can legally own it in Georgia where I live. I see myself collecting every type produced as I can find as they make their way to the market.

Rick's Channel says:

This video makes me want to eat vegetables.

Nick Ypoo says:

I have the same spork! Very nice.

Maciej says:

Stefan, it is illegal to carry switchblade in Germany, am I correct ? Such a shame. This knife is true classic.

Bruce B says:

Stop moving the knife when you talk. It jiggling all around..

GoranPlaysTV says:

hi, vielleicht kann mir einer hier von euch oder du stefanmir helfen..ich seh in vieler deiner videos diese messerständer für jeweils ein messer. ich finde auf amazon aber immer nur 6er oder 10er oder einer die dann aber 2 auflagen haben und nicht so ein pyramieden artiges ding wo an die auch halb geöffnet oder nur mit der klinge auflegen kann

The Stoned Videogame Nerd says:

420 ok for Combat Blades…ok to Stab People with…thats why its the Nato Standard.
BUT when you wanna do something serious,like doing real work…specialy with Wood…420 sucks extreme…
I destroyed a 420 Machete on a Brambleberry Bush….it was chipped like it would be made from tinfoil…either it chipped away or it rolled over…the heat treatment of the Blade must have been totaly fucked up too when a Edge reacts so different to the same Branches depending where on the Edge it hit,low or high

perry coleman says:

great review and have really enjoyed many of your videos.

Paper_Sword says:

Very classic design and I enjoyed the back history on Hubertus.

Tommy T says:

Wow, great presentation! Thank you. Looking for a nice Hubertus springer, which one is it exactly?
Found this one which looks very similar.

TehkNinja says:

I have a few really old ones

Chief's Lief says:

Danke! Very interesting with this history of Hubertus

CrialCrial says:

Wow I love this knife!

James Amescua says:

Great video and now that another knife to my wish list. 🙂

varškėsapkepas says:

These are so cool. If I’m ever getting an auto folder, it’ll be one of these. Is it easy to open it with your left hand?

vlaendr says:

Really all knives? I´ve looked in the Waffengesetz about a week ago and the only one info refering 85 mm and longer blades in it was this – you can´t posses any switchblade knives with one exception, if the switchblade (Springmesser) has blade length of maximum 85 mm AND has only single-side grind (so no double-grind like in daggers), then it is allowed to posses one… Ok, I get it now – the Mikov Autos have larger blades, so you can´t posses them legally. Pity.

set 2dazzle says:

Where can I purchase this knife? It can be shipped to the USA

David James says:

This is a very well produced video.

doormann306 says:

German cutlery rules!!!

google user says:

Beautiful presentation. I am curious, will these develop blade play like most stillettos? Will the leaf spring wear out in after years of use? The craftsmanship looks a lot better than an akc lever lock, but I haven’t held a hubertus. I just wish these had harder steel than 420, I have seen to many old nice knives that are almost unusable from years of sharpening because the “soft” steel, a buck knife is 420 and I have to sharpen that knife far more than even a 440c blade. Makes a bit of a difference for me because if i buy a quality knife I’m not just buying it for me, I hopefully would pass it on..

LearnHowToWipeYaArse says:

my girlfriend got me a linder 305220 mirror finish blade and smooth action when opening . i never use it stays in the collection.

Art Simon says:

Awesome video! Thank you for educating me.

Nick191175 says:

Sadly all knives with blade more than 8,5 cm -> forbidden in Germany 🙁

keith plunkett says:

Hi there, thanks so much for your post, even though I realise it’s been quite some time since you produced it. I live in Australia and although I’ve looked at various sites selling these beautiful knives, it seems difficult to establish which knife is which, outside of product numbers which show nothing when entered on google etc. Which would you suggest as the best site to look or examine these products in detail?
Thank you! Keith.

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