What Knife Should I Buy? | Butterfly Knives & Non Locking

Flipping butterfly knives is an impressive skill, and in this video we’ll look at what makes balisongs unique; as well at take a look at non locking knives, such as friction folders and slip joints.

What is a butterfly knife? Watch and find out. If you want to learn more about pocket knives, fixed blade knives or ever had questions about what a knife grind is, we have more episodes on What Knife Should I Buy? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

Want to know more about knives? Check out this info-graphic: http://www.knifeblog.com/ultimate-kni…

Interested in purchasing a butterfly knife? We have lots: http://www.bladehq.com/cat–Butterfly-Knives–70?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=What%20Knife%20Should%20I%20Buy%3F%20%7C%20Butterfly%20Knives%20%26%20Non%20Locking&utm_campaign=Main

Blade HQ Recommendations::

Butterfly Knives:
Bradley Kimura: http://www.bladehq.com/cat–Bradley-Kimura-Series–814?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=What%20Knife%20Should%20I%20Buy%3F%20%7C%20Butterfly%20Knives%20%26%20Non%20Locking&utm_campaign=Main

Benchmade 51:

Bear Butterfly Trainers: http://www.bladehq.com/?search=Bear+trainer&utm_source=DB&utm_medium=What%20Knife%20Should%20I%20Buy%3F%20%7C%20Butterfly%20Knives%20%26%20Non%20Locking&utm_campaign=Main

Spyderco BaliYo: http://www.bladehq.com/?search=spyderco+baliyo&utm_source=DB&utm_medium=What%20Knife%20Should%20I%20Buy%3F%20%7C%20Butterfly%20Knives%20%26%20Non%20Locking&utm_campaign=Main

Butterfly Bottle Openers: http://www.bladehq.com/?search=butterfly+bottle+opener&utm_source=DB&utm_medium=What%20Knife%20Should%20I%20Buy%3F%20%7C%20Butterfly%20Knives%20%26%20Non%20Locking&utm_campaign=Main

Non Locking Knives:
Friction Folders:
Svord Peasant: http://www.bladehq.com/?search=Svord+peasant&utm_source=DB&utm_medium=What%20Knife%20Should%20I%20Buy%3F%20%7C%20Butterfly%20Knives%20%26%20Non%20Locking&utm_campaign=Main

Boker War Toad: http://www.bladehq.com/item–Boker-War-Toad-Friction-Folder–21730?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=What%20Knife%20Should%20I%20Buy%3F%20%7C%20Butterfly%20Knives%20%26%20Non%20Locking&utm_campaign=Main

Slip Joint:
Swiss Army Knives: http://www.bladehq.com/cat–Victorinox–1127?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=What%20Knife%20Should%20I%20Buy%3F%20%7C%20Butterfly%20Knives%20%26%20Non%20Locking&utm_campaign=Main

Case Knives: http://www.bladehq.com/cat–Case-Knives-Folding–1474?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=What%20Knife%20Should%20I%20Buy%3F%20%7C%20Butterfly%20Knives%20%26%20Non%20Locking&utm_campaign=Main


Histqry says:

brs (blade runner systems) is hot

Cutting Edge says:

Love your videos. Lots of good info, can you make more?

dfcvda says:

I have some Balisong knives and have ordered a tachyon 2 and they are sending disassembled WHY? I live in England.

Jason Xiong says:


Constipated_Chubby says:

the holes in the trainer blades are also so that you cant sharpen the blade

Proud Aussie says:

Imagine kill bill with balisongs

FreakyHeat says:

the holes in the trainer are actually so you can’t sharpen it

Jay Jay Brewster says:

Holy cow titties they don’t know about knives.

Martial Artist says:

I’d still rather use a Spyderco Karambit. Most of the critics here are fat, never trained, and probably never seen their abs.

Phone Pranksters says:


Koda 56 says:

2:30 to 2:36 that’s the simple opening

Monkeyy says:

Should probably take butterfly recommendations from people that actually flip

Ryan Herndon says:

hey so I’m just sorta starting with balisongs, and I’m looking to replace my bearops, and I’ve been looking at Benchmade 51, any other recommendations?

josh johnson says:

Ken Fong’s clones are going to take over the Bali market

Kenyon Osterloh says:

have the knives you guys sell ever been used or open for out of the package

Jonathan Gazit says:

Why arw you always so biased towards swiss army knives?!

Alex Dimitrov says:

you can also have trainers that have a comb instead a knife!

Clorox Bleach says:

I don’t like the shitty customer services

Guitarhero 3680 says:

my grandfather has a billion non locking knives in an old shoebox.

masahito sato says:

big ass bali noobs right here

Andrew Corpus says:

Please call it a “Balisong” and they are used for farming, self defense and for food like peeling etc.

Jackson the duud McCall says:

0:05 why so cringe trying to be cool

Ricardo NGHH says:

should I start with a dull blade or start with an actual blade and just learn the more I use

Lachlan Van Vliet says:

this is so scripted

Balisong Tutorials says:

3:53 wtf u have holes in it so u can’t sharpen

Ploxico says:

I want butterfly knife where to buy I’m in jakarta

CreativeName says:

is the Bear and Son trainer’s tip sharp though? Im planning to buy one but i want something that has a completely dulled blade

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