What’s Nick’s Favorite California Legal Automatic Knife?

Today, I’m going to compare three options for California Legal automatic knives (blades under 2″), the Pro-Tech Runt, Sprint, and Half-Breed, and talk about which is my favorite


Dean Brewster says:

Great review Nick!

Aaron Lee says:

Hey Nick, was there a reason you didn’t take a look at the Calmigo? Just curious. Apologies if I missed it in one of your other CA legal videos.

nick_o_shay kendall says:

Makes me laugh you can buy weed there but cant carry a auto knife such a weired world we live in.

Smuckers T says:

It might be legal, but if you pack it in your checked bag TSA will steal it, which just happened to my swiss army knife. 🙁

Quetz says:

Rip hopes and dreams of there being more full size auto/balisong reviews on the channel

Andy Richardson says:

“Consult your lawyer before you carry anything anywhere…” 🙂

Peter Thorpe says:

Kershaw launch 4 best cali auto with the best blade steel*^^

Neal Valero says:

NJ is worse than CA about knives. No automatic knives are legal. And the law is not clear, basically if you do not have a good reason to have a knife, like for work, fishing or hunting…any knife…they can..if they want to…charge you with a class 4 felony. Because NJ is the land of ” No you just pay “

rrp925 says:

California blahblah

TheGreatPoptart says:

I purchased a no name out-the-front knife I think that made the steal out of sponges.

slidetek says:

The really funny part of this is that this “restriction” is _only_ because of the word “automatic.” The entire CA legislature doesn’t have 2 brain cells to rub together between all of them. The only knives they’ve ever held or used are usually found on napkins or cheese plates. I’m surprised further restrictions aren’t placed on the automatic knives that are black. *High capacity fully automatic semi automatic assault knife.*

Edward Agora Feenman says:

Ha! Welcome to Absurdistan! Enjoy your stay in the insane Asylum ran by the biggest loon of them all Moon Beam Brown…. This guy, people who work for a living, and retain the ability to think clearly are fleeing the state like rats from a sinking ship and he moves here.
Enjoy your new taxes, and that always perfect San Diego weather.
Let me know when you are ready to catch your first California Bluefin tuna. I still have good friends at H&M landing and fisherman’s Wharf. You have no idea how a couple hundred pounds of tuna will change your perspective on life.

Zach’s Stuff says:

I like the comparison! Thank you

machendachen says:

Have the same protech sprint una satin blade. Bought it just for shirts and giggles! Turned out to be a solid little knife!

Matt Finish says:


jacob manalang says:

i think the kershaw launch 4 is worth a look and discussion. its what the people want! nay, NEED. judging by the comment section alone.

Felix DelMonte says:

Nick, good luck moving to commiefornia. You will need it.

Stoney Lonsome says:

You should check out their Calmigo model- I hear it’s a nice blade and it comes in different colors- blue I know its an option, then of course black aluminum, and they even have some with some graphics printed on them. Just a suggestion- microtech has some smallish autos too I think.

JogBird says:

do ppl in urban areas actually use their edc pocket knifes

Jason Robertson says:

But Your Honor…. Nick said it was alright and I could carry this small Black Knife…

Le Lemon says:

Im surprised they left the screws and edges unpainted. How much black do they think one knife needs?!

Steve Jones says:

the Kershaw Launch 4 has your name all over it, Nick.

AR-MD says:

Just don’t come to LA!!! 3 inch rule… you’ll be carrying your delica all the time (or the mass drop gent which is what I was carrying)

Rodrigo Teresa says:

The Launch 4 seems pretty cool. I think Microtech makes a Cali Legal OTF as well. Seems kinda weird to relegate your selection to one company, as great as it is. Love ya Nick

Craig Schnagl says:

California doesn’t ban all automatics because every damn city needs something to ban. I’ve lived in four different cities in CA, all ban them completely regardless of size.

Jason Chang says:

I like the look of the Protech Calmigo

Thomas Walsh says:

Here is a tip. If you live in CA. Move.


Welcome to knife purgatory, my friend.

Pedro Ordepo says:

Nick do you sell your knives on Bladeforum? I think the day has come to shed a few from the collection, to make some room for new comers 🙂

Grovesy The ninja man says:

We can’t have anything that locks in the uk

Caleb Gagne says:

You people think Cali is bad, in Conneticut you can only have a 1.5 inch auto, so essentially they are banned.

JoeyJoe says:

I love the look of the half breed . Its like a scalpel

Kakusei says:

Must have some major pull to move here. I’m looking to get out.

kpmoresco says:

Sorry to hear of your misfortune of having to relocate to the land of fruit and nuts

Al 76 says:

I got my information from Nick Shabazz mr. judge he has way more followers than you do on YouTube what do you think that lol

Don P says:


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