Why are switchblades illegal?


Bit Keram says:

Then here are the karambits,the the most dangerous knife in the fkin world.

Bonnobo Monkey says:

i think a switchblade is illegal and that other knife not cause that other knife is made for other things than damaging ppl and a switchblade is made to damage/kill people.

Bob Cast says:


Help Me Get 500 Subs Without A Video. Plays says:

How dumb are you, you think bigger is more dangerous?!

Taciturn says:

It’s bull crap that switchblades are illegal. Like what if you couldn’t open a normal pocket knife? I one time couldn’t open one ice fishing because my hands were freezing and I couldn’t press the back hard enough. And maybe, in a situation with a robber, you could open it way quicker so maybe they can’t grab it in time. Honestly, the switchblade should be legal everywhere. So it’s illegal just because it opens by button? Wow…

Toby Quach says:

They repealed the ban in Colorado. 3.5 inch blade limit. Now, if only I can find one!

Prism Skull says:


Troy Sadler says:

It’s all fear. Not logic. I’m scared of chainsaws so let’s make them illegal too. That’s how dumb that logic is.

Lost Soul says:

stiletto is more dangerous, but not because of spring, but rather blade shape. Asides from that, not much difference

Nova says:

both of your knives aren’t switchblades, they’re both using multiple motions to open the blade, what’s illegal are spring knives.

tely :3 says:

switchblades, cocaine…

Dennis Karnes says:

There are plenty of states in the US where these are not only legal, there are virtually zero laws prohibiting the type of knife or the length, SC is a good example.

Keith Milner says:

Same reason there afraid of ar,15 ,,politics( left) stupidity!

the borax kid says:

I live in Tennessee they are not illegal which is awesome and really no ones going to say anything anyway. When’s the last time you heard someone getting arrested for carrying a knife?

Garrett - says:

I don’t see how opening slightly faster makes it so dangerous. It’s not even hard to conceal a fixed blade Bowie knife and those are perfectly legal and would be way more deadly.

Anthony Pozucek says:

Ew tf wrong with your thumb lmao

Jacqueline Floros says:


Kushkrusader 420 says:

The dagger looks somewhat threatening it looks like a very sharp shank maybe it’s the design

Harvard University says:

Gothboiclique make a hoe shake

XanTheSkiMask says:

1 000th like

Ondřej Dolníček says:

I´m so glad practicaly all knifes are legal in Czech republic <3

Ron Kilmer says:

well  you description and video will for sure start a review of laws to ban all knives that will open using only one hand

James Roper says:

Knife laws are stupid. Here in New Mexico, it’s perfectly legal to own a bowie knife, but not switchblade. Yet a bowie knife can do more damage than a little switchblade. You can carry a machete in your vehicle, but don’t let a cop catch you with a switchblade, or its bye bye cool little knife.

Ryan Fausnaugh says:

That isn’t a switchblade

Ratt Pack says:

I’m so glad to live in a state where you can carry practically any knife you want.

Kushkrusader 420 says:

You said it was an “assault” knife

the hobby shop says:

Sadly there is a misconception that if someone has a switchblade they are “a bad guy” and that there s no other purpose to a switchblade than to hurt people. This is incorrect as there are many utility switch blades. Also when you look at some state’s laws such as New York’s we see that sharpened samurai swords are illegal and that even numb chucks (don’t know how to spell it) are illegal. This is against certain ethnic groups the switch blades are against Italians and the others are against Chinese and or Japanese. These groups were some of the first in organized crime so… PS they look “cool” in the movies

{XuRiaN} Phoenix Gamer says:

So a knife is illegal, but I can have a gun?

Lil XanZ says:

That name wtf

Collin DeVane says:

Switch blade is more deadly because they are small and thin so it’s a quicker cut then a heavy knife same thin with say axes and a katana the katanas are faster and easier to swing so you’ll get more cuts or stabs in with a light weapon then with a heavy compared to a axe (and switchblades were used by almost every gang of the past it’s like schools and bandanas gang related stuff is “needed” to be outlawed or banned for some reason)

skeets says:

Just like why are black guns any more dangerous and any other

James Beat says:

They are illegal because of moral panic, not because of logic.

Alex Is AWESOME Mig says:

Aay they are legal in Michigan

Luka Gamer says:

Semms legit.You can get a gun legaly that you can kill someone with 1 bullet,but you cant get a switchblade that does lees damage.

Francisco Carreno says:

Where can it

Matthew says:

Just like gun laws… they make no sense

Acerbane says:

Realistically, in the US if somebody pulls out a knife to try and mug or attack someone, they’ll be shot. The only reason types of knives are banned is because a politician was one day watching a movie, saw a knife, he got scared and so he outlawed them. Some states are waking up and reforming their archaic knife laws but in ultra left shitholes like here in the UK, this will never happen.

Francisco Carreno says:

Where can I buy that black switchblade link plz?

ThatOneFriendlyDude says:

>be Canadian
>spring-loaded blades: illegal
>freely-swinging balisong/butterflyknife w/ sub-6” blade: legal (I think)
>flip knives: legal
You’re absolutely right on the whole fear part.
Most weapon regulation laws are made out of two things: fear, and ignorance. A lack of knowledge results in both.

stefano98 says:

2:05 its longer and wider

Teodor Nazarov says:

It is smaller and can be more s

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