X-Bay Stiletto Knife, Cheap Yet Nice Fake Switchblade

Godfather Stiletto, Pearl/Chrome: http://goo.gl/K0Xi3K
Godfather Stiletto, Pearl/Black: http://goo.gl/NmLSsQ
Godfather Stiletto, Black/Chrome: http://goo.gl/HCCK9H
Godfather Stiletto, G10/Chrome: http://goo.gl/0NGmua
Godfather Stiletto, Skulls: http://goo.gl/iK3XzR
Godfather Stiletto, Gold$: http://goo.gl/ulrQfc

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WeAllJuggleKnives says:

This X-Bay Stiletto is an assisted opening liner lock knife, meant to resemble a fully automatic Italian Stiletto. It is a cheap, yet nice looking facsimile. I ground down the rear guards in order to more easily access the index flipper. I believe the steel is 440A. Mine has solid lockup. The narrow piercing blade is 3.75 inches in length. It has nearly a mirror polish. $12 or less on Amazon.

Francisco Barron says:

Haha the same one I ordered cx

Knife Knut says:

This knife is sold by various companies under different names. I have a blacked out one with the fake pearl scales sold by Wartech that I got on ebay a couple of year ago for around $6, and I’ve seen Boker and Bud K sell versions of it as well. Its a pretty good pseudo switchblade, probably the best cheap “off brand” assisted knife I’ve bought. I don’t really carry it though because stiletto’s are banned from carry by name in Michigan, and even though the law refers to double edged stabbing implements, it says stiletto on the blade and I don’t expect the police to be that up on the laws.

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

Sturdy like the old stilettos which is good.

David Goldfeld says:

Nice video

Gimme Motörhead Til I’m Dead says:

Ahold fuckin shit that is a god damn sexy knife! BTW, I looked in Aus for the $20 knife you reviewed the other day, about $60 in Aus. This ones gonna be really expensive, and of course Amazon doesn’t ship to Australia, FFS. I’ll check on AliExpress because that is bloody nice. I have a few knives but this one. Would be perfect in my briefcase, it’s so damn sexy.

Luckymike117 says:

I got a xbay stiletto =)

Mad Stork says:

I enjoy those also…a “guilty pleasure” owning cheap stilettos. Folks who frown upon cheaper knives are missing out. A cool one I JUST got on EB@y is the “TAC FORCE 13″ Extra Large Spring Assisted Open (not mirror) STILETTO with (black) HARDWOOD” = $10…Solid steel bolsters, nice weight, real wood scales, SNAPS open. Took the scales off, sanded the rough edges. Shoulda got 2. An almost 6 in. blade springing out commands attention.

DShiflet01 says:

As of 2013 we can carry autos in Texas. Always seemed silly that we couldn’t, a wave opener opens faster and an assisted opens just as fast.

Vin Ellis says:

What happened to your video on the AKC swinguard?

Johnny Lifeson says:

Got the real ones . I ordered that one from DHgate , piece of crap!

Mike Goodolds says:

Hello WeAllJuggleKnives 01.23.16: I have a few inexpensive knives similar to the one you describe here, some assist open & some just flippers, most having at least a 4″ blade.
Thanks for you review.

Heith Miller says:

cool to see, but I have a budk version of this. it somewhere in the house. if I needed something to count on this would not be it. I have $10 mtech assistant blades that are better, because you can find the flipper.

good point on the flipper that is the reason not to buy.

DRock6906 says:

Nice knife… I bought this same knife on Amazon for about $12.00 awhile back but it was the black one. I took my belt clip off though 🙂 Now I have the “Switchblade Fever” and have been ordering a couple of Italian Switchblades every week!! I have about 20 so far. Some expensive ( Frank Beltrame, Armando Beltrame, and AKC ) and some middle of the road ( Milano Switchblades made in Taiwan ) to some down right el-cheapos 🙂 The X-Bay is legal where I live but the automatics I have are not. I can own them but can’t be caught with one on me. It’s a cool hobby to start collecting knives. My little collection pales to a lot of collections I see online but you have to start somewhere 🙂

E CHRIS C says:

Did you also pick up the timber rattler scarab lock back giant pocket knife ?

john doe says:

Anyone looking to own this knife should probably keep it at home. Most jurisdictions only allow people to a carry a knife up to 3 inches in blade length.

sisyphus-wins says:

Yo dude- is your water supply safe in your town? I think I remember you mentioning in a video that you’re in Michigan… I’m in Chicago so our water is safe, but we’re forced to walk around with a “Shoot me Please” sign on our back whenever we go out.



Larry Banks says:

@wealljuggleknives, great review as always! Very cool knife, since you are one of best reviewers of knives why not do a review on the work sharp sharpening tool on how to sharpen? I have a lot of knives thanks to you, but not good at sharpening….

punisher outdoors says:

Great vid man!

Aviren Guerra says:

first comment!!!

coolplayz Nogame says:

Nice Knife and important information about areas with vering knife laws.the fake mother of pearl looks classic.

john lim says:

Can you own one in New Jersey

Electro says:

I would bury two of those in my recliner and use them to poke intruders.

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