YouTube Mail : New Automatic Knives & Silver Small…


Primal Man says:

are these legal in uk

Luke Carter says:

Love your channel. Have a good day bro!


gutted we aren’t allowed automatic knives in the uk

Charles R says:

what if the knife pops out in your pocket

everything MAGIC says:

u should get some playing cards i could imagine you liking them (like collect them)

edc cutting edge says:

I no the big one is a auto butt sins you have to push in the blade I is a spring assisted or a auto


man i wish i could make better youtube videos and i wish i could find the case xx russlock knife to add to mh collection

illinois fishing says:

awesome video

bringoutthelegos says:

Now that’s a knoife.

Robinrocks says:

Awesome looking stiletto I just can’t see any practical uses for it

the youtuber says:

may I have one

nadir cet says:

Ur fat

alejandro Vargas says:

the biggest one

DeadViper says:

2:40 i cant believe its not butter!

David Krueg says:

Can some one give me a link to a real good quality Italian stiletto?

Yolo McSwagginz says:

Hey bro u are cool and I think u need to know that fat loss isn’t just running and eating less and hell might as well make some muscles while doin it. I’m pretty sure that with that giant knife collection you should start with doing a little outside fun.

DarlingDust 4653 says:

are manual stilettos illegal in australia

John Paul Gamboa says:

What if someone sent you a knife that actually has been used to kill somebody??

Dave Williams says:

a drop of oil in the blade hole will fix it

Tyler Smiley says:

When you get a 3 minute unskippable tide pod ad

Tanner Dickinson says:

Hi, Jeff would you be willing to trade the ganzo auto for different knife?

alejandro Vargas says:

i want one idk where to buy doanyone know where?


you have to do a review on the crkt fulcrum 2. it is the coolest opening mechanism

Zeus Lao says:

Just discovered this channel. I’m in love.

Pure Autism says:

Still have no idea what the big one is called… Shit video

Anson333FTW says:

the big earner is a pretty interesting weapon

Mr Almahdy says:

i need to add one of them to my shoes
as a film movies
do you can help me

Justin Dodge says:

hmmm. interesting how i happened to come across this video. i was at a flea market saturday and i got a stiletto style manual open knife with horn handles for 15 dollars. as of now i beleive is from between the 60s and the 80s. but its gotten me interested in looking for a automatic stiletto to go with it haha. thanks alot jeff for fueling this fire even more lol

Steve S says:

at todays spot silver prices, 1 gram is worth fifty cents if you could sell it for 100% of spot. he will have trouble getting silver supplies as silver is selling below mining costs ($22/oz cost to mine vs 15.60/oz market price) at present and the mines wont sell any.

Turkey nuggets says:

brother i am sure the weight will melt off. keep at it my man. even if this may be an old vid and nothings changed just keep at it my brother.

mwillblade says:

What knife do you carry when you deliver mail ?

Dano DeMano says:

Cool Vid Bro, But WTH is going on down in the comments?

Tomos Watkins says:

What’s your po box I’m a custom knife maker and is love to send you something

BytePsyze says:

I had the EXACT same stiletto (the longer one) but it got stolen, where’d you get yours?

Blank says:

Where could I purchase the large Stilleto?

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub says:

anyone know where I could possibly purchase a 13 inch button activated stiletto?

flipazoid 27 says:

that is not a stiletto that a dike

DarlingDust 4653 says:

are manual stilettos illegal in australia

Nithya Ganesh says:


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